Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Don't Compost It, Cook It!" Book Review

You know how sometimes you meet someone and know instantly that you're kindered spirits? That's how I felt immediately when I met April.

The first time I ever heard of April was when she submitted two recipes to the Hearth and Soul Blog Hop- strawberry limeade, and gazpacho, both made out of things that the average person would generally just throw in the garbage or compost. I fell in love; after all, one of my favorite things to do is to find a terrific way to use something that would otherwise go in the trash.
April calls this "cooking with compost".

April is a single mom to a teenage boy without a lot of disposable income. She wants to be able to feed her and her son as healthily as possible and as cheaply as possible, something that I strongly identify with, and I'm sure many of you readers do as well.

April contacted me, telling me that she wanted to put together an ebook/cookbook on compost cooking, and I helped her work on the book, and even came up with the name, "Don't Compost It, Cook It".

This e-book is a treasure trove of terrific information, explaining in detail how you can make the most out of nothing in your kitchen.

April shares many original ideas in how to use food scraps in your cooking, in ways that even I hadn't thought of. And best of all, she shares how you can do such a thing without having to worry about pesticides and all these other problems in non organic produce. April talks about CSAs, what they are, and how they help save you money while eating as healthily as possible, as well as how to make sure you have zero food waste in your kitchen.
With April's methods, you can feed your family afforable organic healthy foods, even as a single mom on a minimal income! If that's not working miracles in the kitchen, I don't know what is. With this book, you too hopefully will be able to work the same miracles in your kitchen.

Whether you're someone who is environmentally conscious and wants to have as few things as possible ending up in landfills, or someone like myself who feels that food in the trash is money in the garbage, or just someone with a love for cooking and new, healthy recipes, April's book, "Don't Compost It, Cook It" is certainly a worthwhile read.

This isn't just any old cookbook, filled with things everyone already knows. I consider myself a pretty frugal person, utilizing lots of money saving tips in the kitchen, especially aimed at lowering our food waste, and I learned a lot of new money saving, zero waste tricks and methods from April's book; I can't wait to read more ideas that she comes up with!

This e-book, available also in Nook and Kindle formats, costs only $2.99, a real steal, as it is sure to save you much more than that!

For more info on how you can get your hands on this terrific e-book, For more info on how you can get this book, click here.

The thoughts and ideas in this review are entirely my own.

Do you cook with kitchen scraps? Do you usually buy organic, or can you not afford organic veggies/not care about organics? Does this look like a book you'd be interested in getting?

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