Why Choosing to Have a Cell Phone Isn’t a Waste of Money

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Cell phones- necessary, or a waste of money? In the frugal world, especially, it seems that there is no general consensus. Many people, especially those that work from home, choose to go without a cell phone, yet others, like myself, find a cell phone absolutely necessary, especially because I have no car and am traveling on public transportation on dangerous roads with my three kids, and need to be able to have the ability to get a hold of my husband and other people should emergencies crop up. Some people I know chose to go without a house phone, and just have cell phones. Others find cell phones to be a complete waste of money.
Reader Kathryn, shared this guest post about why choosing to have a cell phone isn't a waste of money.

When it comes to technology, we’re all under the impression that to get our hands on the latest crazes, we all have to pay an arm and a leg for them. And, mobile phones are no exception to this perception.

From touch screen smart phones, to razor thin devices, there are thousands of options to choose from, many of which cost users an average of $47.16 a month. Pricey, huh?

If you’re a frugal saver, it’s pretty likely that you won’t be one of these users. After all, that’s a grand total of $565.92 a year that could be spent elsewhere. A mobile phone, in your opinion, is just an unnecessary cost, right?

But, believe it or not, owning a mobile phone need not be expensive, and contrary to belief, isn’t a waste of money. Here’s why:

I Repeat, A Mobile Phone Need Not Be Expensive

In this day and age, people associate a mobile phone with all of the new, swanky new and expensive models that are out in the market today. But, remember, the price you pay for your phone is simply down to consumer choice – after all, no-one has to have, or needs, the new iPhone 5, no matter how much you want it.

Cast your mind back to a few years ago, remember those simple devices that we also called cell phones? The ones that only had simple calling and SMS messaging features on them? Well, they do still exist, and they’re one of the ways you can be the owner of a mobile phone that isn’t a waste of money. How? Well, because the price of one of these handsets is minimal compared to the more fancier smart phones. And, don’t worry; they aren’t the size of bricks like you remember them. With smaller and slimmer devices now available, you really can own a mobile phone for less.

If you want a cheap phone, Ebay and second hand stores are your friend; a new phone may seem nice, but you can get a perfectly good phone second hand for a fraction of the price. And if you really feel the need for a high end mobile phone, get one just after the latest mobile phone comes out- people replace their great phone with the latest model, and are willing to sell their old phones for much cheaper than you can buy them in the store.

Great Tariff Deals

One of the biggest concerns when buying a cell phone, is the cost of keeping the device running in terms of call and SMS charges. But, these costs can be easily managed.

Many network providers now offer great pay-as-you-go and pay-monthly tariffs, so you can pay only for what you need and more importantly, what you use.

If you’re not a frequent caller and only use your cell phone for minor needs, then a pay-as-you-go option is certainly the way to go – simply top up an amount that you’ll need and then you only have to pay more cash onto it when you need it.

If you’re a chatterbox and want to use your cell phone all day and everyday, then a pay-monthly cell phone tariff maybe more cost effective for you. All network providers now provide fantastic no hassle smartphone contracts to help you save yourself as much as possible.

Frugal Saver or Life Saver?

Can you afford not to have a cell phone in your life?

Mobile phones are one of the most useful items one can ever own, and so, the small costs associated with them are minor when you consider their uses.

Imagine the scenario; your car breaks down on the highway on your way home from work. You’re stranded with no way of contact as it’s getting dark. Now, in the unfortunate event of this happening, wouldn’t it make things simpler if you had a mobile phone, so you could call for help?

When you’re considering whether or not a cell phone is a waste of money consider these rare, but important scenarios. In this day and age, I think a mobile phone is a huge life necessity.

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