Parcel Delivery Services- Do They Save Money?

This is a guest post that has gotten me thinking. Because lots of things are cheaper for me to buy in the US, I've considered buying them there then shipping it over here, but the shipping costs dissuaded me. I didn't realize that there was the option of a parcel delivery service that might even be a cheaper option to have overseas deliveries.

Need a cheap international delivery that does not cut corners? No problem.

We’ve come a long way since the fastest method of delivering a parcel over long distances was a man on a horse. Not all that long ago, though, your best (and perhaps only) option for sending something overseas would have been using a traditional mail service, a service specifically designed for carrying letters and small parcels. Today, a quick search online will present you with a near limitless list of cheap courier services for almost any type of package to all corners of the globe.

When you’re sending a parcel abroad one of your key concerns is likely to be the reliability of the courier you choose – there is very little point getting a really cheap deal if your parcel fails to arrive. The good news in this respect is that most online courier services actually utilise the global networks of established international delivery services like DHL FedEx and UPS. The services offered by these logistics giants represent the cutting edge of worldwide parcel delivery; they really cannot be bettered at this time. As long as the courier you opt for works alongside at least one of these larger carriers you should be in fairly safe hands.

So, why not go directly to one of these larger carriers and cut out the middleman?

The simplest answer is, as in so many other cases, cost. Unless you can be certain of sending a large volume of parcels out on a regular (ideally daily) basis you are likely to find yourself paying a premium to use the delivery network of a large carrier. The best online couriers can confidently expect to handle hundreds, some even thousands, of parcels going to locations around the world on a daily basis and (as a result) can buy the services of a larger carrier in bulk and at a discount. This approach allows them to pass on at least some of those saving to you whenever you need to send a parcel overseas.

So, there you have it – you really can find a great deal and save money without having to sacrifice your peace of mind.

Also make sure to use online calculators, such as this UPS Shipping Calculator to get an estimate for how much your postage will cost.

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