Homemade Cajun Spice Mix Recipe

I had a bunch of livers and chicken gizzards I'd wanted to cook up for me, and my friend recommended I make Cajun "Dirty Rice" with those. Its an unbelievably awesome recipe, the perfect thing for those livers and gizzards, but I'll have to share the recipe another time. For now, here's the recipe for the Cajun seasoning mix that I used in the "dirty rice".
Really yummy!
Cajun spice mix is usually much spicier than this, but I like adding my seasonings separately from heat- you can always add more pepper to a dish but you can't take it away when the seasoning mix you're using to flavor the food is already burning hot. Feel free to add more pepper, either black pepper, cayenne pepper, or red pepper flakes if you like to burn off the roof of your mouth.
This spice mix is good for fish, chicken, and of course, rice. I'm sure there are other recipes you can make with this though, I just can't name them all off the top of my head.

2 teaspoons salt
4 teaspoons garlic powder
5 teaspoons paprika
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
2 teaspoon onion powder
2 1/2 teaspoons dried oregano
2 1/2 teaspoons dried thyme

Place everything in a coffee blender, and blend up until fine.

Store in the freezer, ideally, to prevent clumping from the onion powder.

Do you like spicy food? Do you ever use Cajun spice mix? Do you make your own or buy it ready made? How do you like to use your Cajun spice mix?

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  1. I would love to use this with the chicken livers that are coming tomorrow. Did you ever post a recipe for the dirty Cajun rice?

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