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Way back when I first started my blog, I didn't like that when commenting and replying on Blogger, all comments just appeared one after another, without the ability to make a thread of comments replying to specific comments. I wanted to be able to respond to each commenter individually, etc... and to facilitate discussions. So I looked for something else.
I also have some personal information that I don't want people revealing on my site in the comments section...

So I chose to use's commenting platform. Which allowed premoderation, and threads of comments.

And I was happy with them for a while.

And then I realized that I started having some issues with their platform, that it didn't always work, etc... And as of late, it hasn't been working more often than not.

Now I discovered that Disqus hasn't been working for many, many people for a while, and there are hundreds of comments made through the Blogger platform... and I am completely sick to my stomach.

Because the comments are mostly trash. 75% of the comments are spam, with such disgusting porn like comments. It makes me sick to my stomach that anyone who's looked at the comments on my blog had to be subjected to those porny comments.
And then there were the spammy comments about payday loans, etc... which I am very opposed to from a frugal perspectice.

Basically, I'm disgusted that the comment section of my site didn't mesh with what my site is about- family friendly, frugal oriented, etc...

And then there were the normal commenters, who were just commenting normal stuff on my posts.
And I feel terrible that these commenters felt like I was ignorning them, because I never replied to them. When the fact is, I never knew those comments were there- I thought the comments that Disqus emailed me every day was all the comments I got.

So I owe you an apology- sorry for not responding to your comments. And sorry for subjecting you to those nasty disgusting spammy comments.

I will be getting rid of Disqus- so long and good riddance- and I will be premoderating all the comments now so none of those spam comments get through.
And now that I know where to look for them, I will see your comments that you make and will try to respond to every one of them.

Thanks for your patience, and again, I'm sorry.

(Right now I'm going through the 500 comments on Blogger, and deleting all the gross disgusting spammy ones...)

And if in the past you haven't commented because of this, please do comment now that this won't be an issue anymore.

P.S. I am trying to remove Disqus and not having much luck because of stupid web design stuff. I'll have to redo the whole web design of my blog, which I'll try to do over the next few days. Please be patient with me as I redesign...

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  1. SO happy that you are switching the comments! Not because I was concerned about anything, but because, for some reason, I couldn't comment at all (it wouldn't recognize my browser) and I couldn't see any comments either. I have been following your blog forever (LOVE IT!) and am now grinding my own grain, baking my own bread, etc. You are my go-to person for healthy recipes to try. Don't worry about responding back - just wanted to let you know that there are probably lots of us followers out there who weren't commenting at all!!

  2. Hi Penny! Sorry you have to wade through the muck of disgusting comments! Eh, so sorry you even have to pre-view, however, I AM GLAD that you are getting rid of Disqus! Very difficult to work with at this end! Hope things clean up for you real soon! Hugs, Cheeryshirley

  3. Not sure who is hosting your blog... I have a self-hosted WordPress website & blog. I use Askimet. It's "pay what it's worth to you" and it's been SUPER for us. I also get to premoderate and it automatically gets rid of all the junk. :) Thanks for your dedication to having an awesome blog!!

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