Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Saving Money With Junk in Your House!

 photo securedownload_zps75b8f7e6.jpgThis is a guest post.

It never hurts to save a dollar here and there, and by all means those dollars really can add up quickly. The fact of the matter is, times are rough financially speaking and a little assistance always helps. So now the real question is, how do we get those extra dollars?

If you have ever looked around your house, in closets, rooms, and/or garages and gasped by the sheer vast amount of stuff you have then you may be sitting on a pile of extra dollars and not even know it. A lot of our unwanted or unused items can actually be worth a pretty penny. From jewelry buyers all the way to collectors, there is almost a buyer out there for anything and everything.

First thing is first, start going through all of your things and determine what you don’t need or want any longer; sort the items into piles ranging from clothes, to jewelry, electronics, etc. Start browsing online for sites where you can sell your items (Amazon and/or Craigslist for example) and post valuable and or unique items on them to see the kind of responses you start to get. For items such as jewelry, especially gems and gold, there are in fact reputable sites that will purchase your pieces for a substantial price.

Finally, with the items you have remaining have a local yard sale, which are extremely profitable in the summer months, on the weekends and watch your unwanted items turn into dollars by the masses.
Anyone who looks at frugal living in a negative manner probably doesn’t understand the smarts behind it. And if you aren’t necessarily coupon clipping and penny counting, earning extra money from things you already have is never negative; in fact, it is actually an extremely smart, effective and lucrative financial project.

The next time you have an hour or even thirty minutes to spare, take a look around your home and gather up items or even make a note of the items you notice that you could part with, chances are there may be a good amount of things. It may take a little work to sell some of your items but the results will be far more beneficial and definitely worth it; and if after all your hard work and efforts you still have a few items left, you could also consider donating them to charities for families in need. All in all, the process will be freeing and you will never feel better.

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