Tips for Disney Holidays on a Budget

For those of you dreaming of a trip to Disney World but wondering how to afford it, here's a guest post that will give you some money saving Disney suggestions.

Holidays to Disney World have become synonymous with the carefree joy of childhood. It’s incredible how memories of meeting Mickey Mouse and riding on Splash Mountain remain so vivid well into adulthood. It’s easy to see why, after becoming parents, so many of us hope to share this special childhood experience with our own kids - but, the inevitable question remains, is it really affordable?

Well, with some good old-fashioned saving and a bit of research, your dream Disney holiday can become reality. Here are a few tips on budgeting for Disney World:

Check for Deals

It’s worth looking at the ‘Special Offers’ page of the official Disney website, along with other tour operators to see if they’re offering any special packages for families. There are also discount websites which provide the latest voucher codes available for Disney holidays.

Travel in the Low-Season

Visiting Disney World during its low-season, typically late August, September and January, can get you significant savings on accommodation. Choose the value resorts near the Park and you can all stay together and pay by room – in the low season this can amount to as little as $90 a night during the week, and that’s for an entire family of four!

Get More Bang for Your Buck

Opt for multi-day Disney World tickets, which offer far better rates than single-day passes and allow you to visit all four parks. Nowadays, an adult single day pass to the Magic Kingdom rings in at around $100. By purchasing a five-day pass, adults and children (under ten years old) can cut around a third off the daily amount. So a family of four can enter for less than $240 a day. When booking your tickets, break down the daily costs to make sure you’re getting the most value for your money. For example, you won’t need the ‘Park Hopper’ add-on if you’re planning on doing just one park on each day.

Bring Your Own Food

You can indeed bring your own food into the park. Rather than eating out at the park restaurants, pack a lunch and snacks to eat during the day. Be aware, however, that Disney doesn’t allow large, hard-shell coolers. Instead, stick to small and soft insulated lunch bags. Also, you won’t be allowed to bring glass containers into the park (with the exception of baby food jars), so make sure all items are in plastic bags or Tupperware.

Though Disney World can be more of a once-in-a-lifetime trip, there are plenty of ways to realistically cut costs throughout the holiday. When added together, these small savings can greatly reduce your overall costs - as if by magic!

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