Friday, August 2, 2013

Vacation Photos

This past week my family was on our yearly vacation to the sea side. We're back home now and recovering from our fun but exhausting trip.
I wanted to leave you with a few pics from our vacation.

 photo 100_7496_zpsdf4999ea.jpg

Ike and Lee playing in the waves, "swimming"

 photo vaca1_zpsc34df22f.jpg

Anneliese chilling at the beach.

 photo 100_7539_zpsbb3199ee.jpg

Beautiful beach sunset

 photo vaca2_zps58981bae.jpg

Excited Anneliese, just dried off after playing at the beach

Hope you like the pics!

Doing anything fun and frugal with your family this summer?


  1. Your kids are adorable! And what a smile Anneliese has.

    We're just working this summer, but I'll pretend I'm at the beach.

  2. When you factor in the prep time and the recovery time, I sometimes wonder if vacations are worth it. Of course hope springs eternal in the human breast, and we always think the next vacation will be perfect. Been there--done that.

  3. What fun! Your daughter has such pretty eyes. We spend less if we stay in than go out, lol. The cheapest and most fun thing my girls did this summer was go to a vacation bible school program for five hours a day.

  4. We're lucky enough to live a short walk from the beach and some free attractions so days out are super simple for us. just a packed lunch, bottles of juice and a short bus ride to some of the more interesting attractions.
    I have family dotted around the country (UK) too, so we can have very low cost weekend breaks a few times a year. My daughters only 3 so she feels she's being spoilt and my wallet doesn't start weeping lol


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