Vegan Chocolate Frosting- No Margarine or Butter- Made With Mayonnaise!

 photo frosting_zps4ba1aec3.jpgOn sunday, my son had a birthday party, and as usual, I was at a loss trying to figure out how to make the frosting. We're a dairy free home, we'd never use margarine or shortening... and so our frosting options are more limited, since it seems frostings are all butter, margarine, or shortening based. I've tried making frosting with coconut oil in the past, but as coconut oil is liquid at the temperatures we've been having lately, it wasn't the best option for a frosting base...
I tried to think of something that I could use in place of the margarine or butter as a binder for the frosting, something that would make it smooth and creamy. I needed something thick, but not too heavy...
And then all of a sudden, it hit me- mayonnaise!
I know, I know, it sounds weird. Mayonnaise frosting?
But mayonnaise typically is just eggs and oil and flavorings- not such weird additions to baked goods. In fact, I've made mayonnaise cookies and mayonnaise cake before, and they are delicious...
And my mayonnaise isn't egg based- I make mine from ground flax seeds, so it's vegan...

I put together this recipe, and, I must say, it turned out better than I expected! I used regular white powdered sugar (that I made by putting sugar in a coffee grinder) for this, but I'm sure the recipe would work just as well with any other powdered sugar, made from coconut sugar, sucanat, or xylitol...

The guests at the party all loved the cake and loved the frosting best of all- everyone wanted to know what was in it, but I didn't reveal the secret ingredient until the very end. And people, once they heard there was mayo in the frosting, still thought it was very good! So that's terrific!

If you make your own homemade mayo, I suggest leaving out the mustard and garlic and minimizing the vinegar/lemon juice if you're going to use it for this recipe.

Vegan Chocolate Frosting- No Margarine or Butter- Made With Mayonnaise!

1/2 cup cocoa powder
3/4 cup mayo (vegan or regular)
1-2 tablespoon water
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 1/2 cups powdered sugar

1. Mix all the ingredients together other than the water.

2. Add the water if needed to get the proper smooth and creamy texture.

3. Spread on your cake or cupcakes! Enjoy!

Have you ever heard of using mayonnaise in desserts before? Have you used it in cake or cookies before? Would you ever think of using mayonnaise in frosting, or does this sound too strange to you?

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  1. This sounds fantastic- thanks for the idea, Penny!
    Do you beat it by hand or use a mixer?

  2. I don't beat- just mix by hand with a spoon.

  3. It does sound strange, but my grandma's fruit salad is made of fruit and mayonnaise. And miniature marshmallows. It doesn't sound too good but it tasted great. The fruit juices mixed with the mayo and made it sweet.

    Nowadays I use yogurt instead but only because I think it's probably healthier.

    It's cool how creative you get! I'm happy with my current frosting recipes, though, so I probably won't be trying yours.

  4. It's not really vegan if you're using mayonnaise

    1. If you read the ingredients, I said you use either vegan or regular mayonnaise. I use my vegan flax based mayonnaise for this.

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