Homemade Krypto the Superdog Costume (For a Baby) Instructions

My time is short now, but I realized I had a homemade costume idea that I never shared with you, and thought the timing was right. When Anneliese was a baby, we dressed her up as Krypto the Superdog, a character in a show my boys liked to watch. It was a very easy costume to make, but I think it came out cutely. It wasn't perfect, but I think it did the job.

This costume is very simple. Krypto is an all white dog, wearing a red cape, and a yellow collar with a Superman S logo hanging from it.

I made Anneliese's costume for about 75 cents or less, with a few pieces of clothing from a thrift store (some of which were scraps from other costumes I made with the same thrifted clothing).

 photo krypto_zpsbe192aee.jpg

Not a perfect replica, and definitely not a perfect picture, but.... its the best pic I had, and I think the costume is close enough to the "real deal" to get the same feel.

I started off by making a white "jumpsuit" for Anneliese out of an adult white shirt with a zipper up the back. The sleeves were cut short enough to Anneliese's arms, and with a few stitches I turned the bottom of the shirt into pant legs. (The legs rode up in that picture... but unfortunately I don't have any better picture to show the length.)

I sewed on a strip of white fabric as a tail, and made a hat with ears for Anneliese with some of the parts of the sleeves that I cut off the shirt. I sewed the top of the sleeve together, until it was a hat and not a "tube", and then took 2 pairs of white fabric booties that I had hanging around the house, and sewed them on to the hat as ears.

With yellow and red fabric, I cut out the Superman S logo- a red triangle, with two corners cut off to make it a pentagon, a slightly smaller yellow piece the same shape, and then a red S, and then I glued it all together. I then made a loose "necklace" out of yellow fabric, and sewed the logo onto it.

I made the cape by taking an adult red button down shirt, and leaving just the collar and the back of the shirt on, and cutting everything else off, so there was the red "flappy" part as well as the collar to go around the neck.

The costume took less than an hour to make, and fit our theme of superhero costumes, and was very cheap. :-D

Here's how I made a Flash costume.

Homemade Flash Costume for kids

Here's how I made a Spiderman costume.

If you celebrate Halloween, what are you or your kids dressing up as? Are your costumes frugal or not so much? Store bought, thrifted, made from scratch, hand me downs, or something else? 

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  1. We do a combination - I re-purposed some old costume things I already had, I bought one shirt and painted a logo on it, and we visited the dollar store for the mandatory stash of weapons..!

  2. Your kid looks adorable! Homemade costumes are a great idea. I will try this type of thing out for my kids next year.

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