Super Easy, Quick, and Delicious Chicken Recipe

 photo IMG_1051_zps2c9c3ac7.jpgLegumes are cheaper to make than all other proteins, but they aren't so quick to make, and some people really dislike the taste of legumes, or are sensitive to them, etc...
This chicken recipe is the basis of my super quick, super easy, super tasty, super healthy, and super frugal supper that I make on those days that I have no energy to cook but know that I need to be feeding my family healthy food that they'll actually enjoy. (Ok, fine, some might argue that mashed potatoes aren't super healthy, but compare it to any fast food or most prepacked foods, and it wins by a long shot.)
My favorite thing about this recipe is that it cooks so quickly that I can put it on stove and whip up some quick side dishes, like instant mashed potatoes and a chopped salad, and by the time those are ready (less than 4 minutes), the chicken is also ready.
I've found that chicken breast recipes either require being baked in the oven, which means you have to factor in oven heating time into the cooking time, or they are time consuming on the stove top (like shnitzel) or they are bland and flavorless, or they have a weird texture (I hate boiled chicken breast, and chicken breast cooked in sauce tends to get that texture). But this has the perfect texture, is super quick, and still is full of flavor.
And best of all- it's made from a homemade spice mixture, made from ingredients that you'll otherwise throw in the garbage- tomato skins- so its green and frugal to boot.

Super Easy, Quick, and Delicious Chicken Recipe

Oil (I use palm usually- something less strongly flavored is probably better than olive oil, though it probably would also be fine here.)
Homemade tomato skin spice blend (and if you don't have that, Mrs Dash's Tomato Basil Garlic spice blend works as well, but it's far less healthy and frugal)
Chicken breast. (If not already cut into cutlet size pieces, do so. (I usually can get a half a chicken breast sliced into 5 cutlets- 2 larger and 3 smaller, perfect for a meal for our family.))

1. Heat up a tablespoon or two of oil in a frying pan.

2. Sprinkle the chicken cutlets liberally on both sides with the spice mix, and a little salt.

3. Lay them flat in the hot frying pan, and cook until one side is cooked, flip over and cook the other side.

That's it! Super easy, and super flavorful.

What is your quickest supper to make? Does this look like a recipe you'd try out?

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  1. My go to meal tends to be fritata atm .cooked veg in fry pan with meat and top will eggs .put under griller til eggs cooked.

  2. HI, this recipe looks great, but I looked at the way to make the tomato skin spice blend and it looks really expensive to keep my over going 8-12 hours straight, not so frugal.... Is there a way to dry them without the oven? (I don't have a dehydrator) Can I dry them for an hour in the oven and then over night on the counter?

    1. It'll cook them, not dehydrate them. If you use your oven on very very low, it wont use too much electricity, but if you want, i have instructions how to make your own dehydrator with a light bulb...

  3. Hi, this looks great, buit when I looked at the frugal option of making my own spice, I lost some of my enthusiasm. It sounds quite expensive to have the oven running 8-16 hours straight. Can I put them in at a higher heat level for 1 hour, then let them dry over night on the counter?

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