Sunday, March 23, 2014

How New Generation Heating Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Loosen the Strain on your Wallet...

This is a guest post. Hopefully you'll enjoy learning about these green, energy efficient and frugal ways to heat your home.

Lately, we've all been feeling the squeeze when it comes to heating our homes and keeping the lights on. Anyone who’s been keeping an eye on the news or obsesses over their energy bills will be fully aware of the so-called ‘energy crisis’ that’s gripped the UK in the past few months, and while policy makers and legislators are busy striking deals to save us money here and cut back costs there, the bottom line is that we’re going to need a new solution, and soon.

Most homes these days have a gas central heating system, and while gas is still marginally cheaper than electricity it’s price is also fluctuating rapidly in what is an incredibly volatile and vulnerable international market. Those with an eye for home improvement and some savings in the bank have already taken matters into their own hands and invested in solar panels to power their homes. They can even use ‘feed-in’ tariff schemes to effectively sell their surplus energy back to the energy companies and back into the national grid - good news all around both for saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. This is all good and well, but what if you can’t afford solar panels, what then? There are options available to you other than kneeling at the mercy of power companies and getting that gas boiler repaired for the third time this year… There are ways to save money on your utilities bills with energy saving tips.

There has long since been a stigma attached to electric heating. From rusty old storage heater units to energy guzzling convector heaters, electric heating has been viewed as nothing more than a ‘supplementary’ solution for many - the dusty fan heater in the loft that you get out in case of emergencies. But it’s not like that anymore. There are some companies working around the clock to change this - companies who don’t want to see us dependent on the ‘big six’ energy companies and chugging gas throughout the winter. Providing we have the right tools and the right infrastructure - electricity is clean, renewable and 100% green. New generation electric heating has been developed with this in mind, and offers a surprising and effective alternative to your gas central heating system. The RC Wave energy efficient electric radiator from Haverland, one of Europe’s leading heating manufacturers, aims to transform home heating. Not only are the radiators fully programmable, with thermostats accurate to within fractions of a degree, but they are also made from 100% recyclable aluminium and are incredibly easy to install. Imagine having complete control over your home heating in a measured and detailed way.

Each radiator can be programmed to come on precisely when you need it, meaning that each and every room in your house can be tailored to fit your schedule. Only use a room for one hour per day? Don’t like the heating on in the bedroom when you go to bed? With these new generation electric radiators you can mix and match various programs and fully customise your home’s heating. Not only is this more economically sound than traditional electric heating, but you’ll be helping the environment in the process - and whatsmore - no maintenance! The RC Wave in particular uses a fully recyclable dry thermal element at it’s core which adjusts in temperature relative to the environment. No moving parts, no noise, no fans and no liquid means no repairs needed. With this in mind the RC Wave is also offered with a lifetime guarantee on the body of the radiator.

To find out more about this product, visit Electric Radiators Direct who are offering the RC Wave along with other energy efficient electric heating solutions, complete with next day delivery and a full support team to manage your queries. Alternatively, give them a call on 0333 920 0892!

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