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Things have changed and frugality is not just a way to live with fewer dollars per month anymore, it also represents a lifestyle in harmony with nature, less invasive and more environmentally friendly. The era of mass consumption has left us with a planet in trouble: climate change, impoverished populations... but more than anything else a dangerous loss of contact with reality, not to mention the immense waste problem we are facing.

Problems With no Solutions?

The only way to save the natural world is to choose a series progressive actions: in other words, we need to find answers that help us preserve our real wealth, and not only the money we have in the bank, and ensure the sustainability of our way of life.

Save Yourself and Repair Your House

You could start by making sure your house is sustainable. Energy loss in our homes is a huge problem. If you install double glazing windows and you also recycle rain water, however, you will save some money and energy, and you will also help to save the planet. You should also make sure your pipes are safe and that they are made of non-polluting materials, and don't forget to check if you need water damage repair (if you do, click here). Then, focus on your lifestyle.

Save While Eating

In every single grocery shop you can find dozens of cans of tuna. Besides tuna, however, most of us choose fish with white meat and we always buy the same varieties (cod, sole, etc.). If we decide to save money, we continue to invest in the same fish, we just buy less. First of all, we should dispel the myth that buying fish means increasing the amount of money we spend on groceries. There are a lot of varieties that cost nothing. We are talking about tasty, healthy, cheap, wonderful fish. Aside from tuna, which is endangered, you could try mackerel, anchovy, amberjack, sardine, horse mackerel, sprat, albacore and many others.

Besides changing what we consume (different kinds of fish, local fruits and vegetables, etc.) we can also reclaim our productive skills. Making bread at home, for instance, is easy and cheap and the results are quite great! Yogurt, cheese, cookies and cakes are also very easy to make: you can have fun and save a lot of money. Buy a few vases, grow your own herbs and veggies, and you'll eliminate chemical fertilizers from your diet while also helping the planet and your wallet.

Save While Breathing

Talking about the air we breathe, the easiest method to save money, while also saving the environment, is to opt for the bicycle. In many countries around the world, increased fuel prices, the pollution caused by the traffic and the high number of road accidents have pushed the bicycles out of the dark corners of the houses where they were hiding. Bicycles save you money and save your life. Riding a bike to work is also the best way to stay healthy. Regular physical activity, in fact, frees you from stress, allowing you to relax and strengthen your immune system while releasing endorphins.

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