Treasure Hunting in a Clothing Mountain- Super Cheap Clothes Shopping Trip

 photo IMG_0074_zps28809a43.jpgWith all the spring cleaning that people have been doing lately, our local second hand store is overflowing with donations. So much so that they have no room to put anything, and took an empty warehouse and used that to store all the clothing donations temporarily. The warehouse needs to be emptied as soon as possible, so they made a sale- instead of some things being 50 cents and some things being 25 cents like they usually are, they made everything be 25 cents, and opened the warehouse for set hours that they aren't usually open.
My friend who volunteers at the second hand store had posted about the sale going on, and I was unsure about whether or not I'd go, whether or not it was worth it. Then this morning, while the boys were in school, I took my two girls with me to the warehouse with all the clothes.
I got quite a shock.
A mountain of clothes. Literally.
The warehouse is probably a quarter of the size of a basketball court. And it was entirely filled with clothes, up to a few feet deep. You could not see the floor.

 photo mountain_zps2ef1dca0.png

While I was there, a few other friends came as well. We had 10 friends, each in a different section of the warehouse, just digging through the mountain, looking at the clothes one by one, seeing if it was something that would be good for us, and if it wasn't for us, we'd see if it was good for one of the other people there or their kids. We all got a great amount of stuff, and since we worked as a team, finding things for each other, we were able to get many more great things than if it would have just been each person there on their own, looking for their own stuff.

In the end, I got more than 50 things, spent a total of 15 dollars on the lot.

I didn't take everything I saw- if it was something that I had more than enough of, like clothes for Rose, etc... I turned it down. I do need clothes the next size up for Anneliese, stuff for the boys, both their current size and the next size up, some stuff for myself, and for my husband as well.

Here's my haul:

2 short sleeve shirts for my husband- one polo, one button down.

 photo IMG_0073_zpsb37ca92c.jpg

A whole bunch of stuff for Anneliese- a bunch of shirts- long sleeve and short sleeves. A bunch of jumpers and sleeveless dresses, plus one long sleeve dress and one tutued leotard. And 3 hooded sweatshirts plus one nice sweater. Most of these things are for the next size up, but a few things fit her now.
It was really funny- my friends saw certain dresses and said "This definitely looks like Anneliese's style." Which I thought was funny. Because which 2.5 year olds have "a style"... But she does. she likes long dresses, ideally with flowers. And ideally "princessy". She absolutely refuses to wear pants of any kind. And she likes dresses that are big on her. So I have to hide what I just got, or she'll try to get away with wearing it now, and not only when they actually fit her...

 photo IMG_0074_zps28809a43.jpg

I specifically was looking for shorts and nice shirts for my boys. Unfortunately, I only found one pair of shorts, but found a bunch of nice button down shirts for the boys, some their current size and some a bit big to put aside for later, plus 3 nice vests.

 photo IMG_0075_zps779e77c5.jpg

For myself I found 2 skirts, one shirt, and one robe.

 photo IMG_0076_zpsc1d1d332.jpg

I love scarves and have a semi-large collection of them, and was looking to expand my collection. And for this price, why not? I got a bunch of scarves and a decorative silver flower on a silver braid.

 photo IMG_0077_zps2da75700.jpg

I also got 3 books, a belt for my boys, and some waterproof sandals for Lee.

 photo IMG_0078_zpscd1d5a46.jpg

Yea, it was a bit crazy at the warehouse. But worth it. I had fun socializing, talking to my friends while we dug through the clothes, and came home with a lot of useful stuff for very little money.

If you were told about a mountain of clothes that you'd have to dig into to find super cheap clothes, would you do it? Or would you rather just spend more money and buy clothes from a store in an organized fashion?

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  1. It would depend on two things - my energy level (which involves many factors - are kids along, when my last meal was, if there's an available toilet) and my need level. If my energy level is high to reasonably adequate and my needs are at LEAST at a moderate level, I'm digging. If my energy level is low-ish and/or my need level is low, I'd pass. I've been known to pass on free clothing when we have enough, or when I had all the kids with me and need lunch soon. But we also have a Goodwill "bin store" locally, where everything is dumped into bin tables, and whatever you find is $.85. And when I need things badly, have a tight budget, and can handle the effort involved, I go and come up with gems every time.

  2. I'm always looking for clothes where I can for inexpensive prices. My goal is to have a full wardrobe in the next size before my LO grows into it. We have some particulars that make it a bit difficult but that's because she has a style much like Anneliese (forgive my spelling, please). So if I could find a way to have the energy to go to somewhere like that I definately would but I'd be taking my anxiety meds first!

  3. you got some really nice clothing for your kids. It's very important that these shops only deal with clothing that is in good shape, not torn or stained.

  4. Looks like you got some great deals! :)

  5. That is how had clothes for my son from newborn to 5T. I washed them sometimes twice and closely inspected. Some were play clothes because of stains and tears while others were for school. I liked that I had coats for every season for every year @ $5-$10. Once he wore them out I gave them away, used as rags or threw out.

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