Awesome Haul of Free Swaps From A Book Swap

 photo IMG_0236_zpsb1ac758b.jpgI just got home a few minutes ago from a book swap.
I love reading. Books are expensive to buy locally. English books are even more expensive. Even second hand books aren't cheap here, especially at the rate at which I devour books.
And the libraries here aren't free, and don't have such a large selection of English books.
That's why I love that some people in my area started making book swaps.

For a book swap, people bring all the books they no longer want, set them out on a table and people see what others brought, and take what appeals to them.

I am pretty non selective when it comes to books. If its new, I want to read it. I wouldn't necessarily spend money on just any book, but I'm game to read anything just once.
So I end up coming home from these swaps with a huge amount of books.
Sometimes it is just pure fluff, stuff to occupy my time when I want to read.
And sometimes it's something that I'd really wanted.

Today, I got Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything" cookbook, a great cookbook I'd heard lots about and am really excited about getting. I also got 3 Hunger Games books- I saw the first movie, and wanted to read the books, and now I have my chance. I also got 2 religious books- one specifically that I'd told my husband that I wanted to buy eventually, and one a translation of a book my husband has in the local language that he'd really enjoyed and I wanted to read, but much prefer reading in English.

And in addition to that, I got 25 other books!

Look at my stash! So excited!

 photo IMG_0236_zpsb1ac758b.jpg

If you're a book fan, I highly suggest you make book swaps with your friends- its like a library, only without any late fines.

Have you ever made or been to a book swap? Are you a fan of reading? How do you tend to get your books? Do you think you'd want to make or go to a book swap?

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  1. I loooove my "how to cook everything" great haul!

  2. This is so awesome. I love anything like this that is FREE! I have a friend who has suggested a cook book swap in the near future. You have inspired me :)

  3. Incredible INCREDIBLE score!! Well done, you!!

  4. I LOVE Robert K Tanenbaum, all the way up to Hoax. (Then he got a different ghostwriter.) Excellent series.

    A book swap's a great idea, nearest bookstore is an hour's drive away, and half the time the selection is blah. It would work here...

  5. I'm lucky to live really close to an amazing library which I am incredibly grateful for. I've never done a book swap, but think it's a terrific idea!

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