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Most of us are all feeling the strain on our wallets when in comes to heating and lighting our homes. Anyone that keeps up to date with the UK energy news will be only too aware of the implications it is causing. It was announced only last week that E.on, one of the so-called 'big six' energy firms had mis-sold energy tariffs to customers, often switching a customer to a worse plan than they were previously on with another competitor. With the large energy firms at the helm of it all, it's crystal clear that there is an outcry for a new solution.

Many consumers have jumped on board the solar panel train, investing large sums into providing alternative energy for their homes. The bonus of this strategy is that if there is any surplus energy leftover they can fruitfully use a feed in tariff to sell this back to the energy companies and straight into the national grid. However, this is seen to be a luxury by many, as they either cannot afford to purchase the solar panels or do not own their home in order to carry this out.

Electric heating has been frowned upon over the years due to traditional outdated versions such as storage heaters or convector radiators. It is seen as merely a temporarily solution to a slight emergency. With an emerging new generation of electric radiators establishing themselves securely within the market, it's now seen as the future of heating. Providing the infrastructure is in place, the systems can ultimately be run through clean and renewable electricity. The iSkinny energy efficient electric radiator carries the most advanced technology ever to be seen in an electric radiator to date. It is not only simple to install but constructed from 100% recycled aluminum and offers unparalleled controllability with highly precise thermostats to within fractions of a degree. The built-in management system means that there is minimal loss of energy, featuring 24hr 7 days a week programming- you can tailor your heating around your individual needs. Whether that be heating one specific room throughout the day or an alternative temperature for when you go to bed, the choice and options are yours and endless. The brilliance of these units is that because they are so energy efficient they save you money on your heating bills and lower your carbon footprint. Supplied with a lifetime guarantee on the body and no maintenance required this has to be a revolution in the way we heat our homes.

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