Frugal Accomplishments This Week

I had a long day, I'm exhausted, so I'll keep this intro short, and I'm not going to elaborate much on the notes I took all week. I had a pretty good and frugal week. General frugal stuff we did- laundry was all line dried, Rose was exclusively cloth diapered...

Made pancakes for breakfast.
Went shopping at the grocery store for some items I needed, stuck religiously to the short list- just bought one thing not on the list.
Made the shop quick enough to be able to use a transfer ticket on the way home.
Made cream cheese.
Made yogurt.
Made sunflower milk.
Made sunflower milk yogurt.
Make chocolate buckwheat raw granola.

Cooked up some chicken gizzards- cheapest meat I can get. Cooked it up with leftover eggplant salad and zucchini and an open can of tomato paste I had sitting in the fridge needing to be used up, plus some of the water from cooking the chicken gizzard, to make a sauce for rice.
Used gizzard water plus homemade sunflower milk and potatoes and fennel to make a cream of potato and fennel soup, with foraged fennel seeds.

Served yogurt with buckwheat granola and jam for breakfast.
Ground buckwheat and brown rice into flour.
Made buckwheat based gluten free bread.
Made veggie scrap broth.
Used apple cores I froze plus the last dregs of my unpasteurized apple cider vinegar "with the mother", with sugar and water, to attempt to make homemade apple scrap vinegar.
Made lentil sloppy Sams with the veggie scrap broth, served on the homemade gluten free bread.

Served yogurt with buckwheat granola and jam for breakfast.
Made a leftover medley for lunch- sloppy Sams, rice, frozen canned peas, ratatouille with gizzards.
Contacted the company from which I bought some defective products- they said they'll reimburse me.
Went clothes shopping at the second hand clothes store sale.
The latch to keep the stroller closed broke off, so my husband built a new latch.
Made a new batch of yogurt.

Foraged hollyhock leaves, nettles, purslane, and lambsquarters.
Times my buses properly so I could use a transfer, so I only paid 3/4 of the fare I would have otherwise.

Cooked foraged greens in peanut sauce.
Made homemade ice cream.
Made a vegan quiche with home ground chickpea flour.

What did you do to save money this week?

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  1. After the bad experience with the party portion of my son's birthday party last weekend, I emailed the company. Played phone tag with the guest services manager all last week. I finally got her on the phone Thursday. Explained my displeasure with how the party portion was handled. She admitted they made a mistake on their end in overbooking parties that day as they usually allow 30 minutes between parties to allow for clean up and set up. So, they're sending us 4 all-day guest passes for the water park, which retail for $40 each. Free fun day for us...well not totally free as we'll need to purchase food/drinks that day.

    --got two free magazines with my Recyclebank rewards, in one was a coupon for a free 8oz can of paint from Lowes that can be used for small projects around the house! I'm thinking about getting a turquoise color :)

    --Took leftovers to work so I didn't buy fast food

    --got a free t-shirt from my niece's school for being a cancer survivor.
    --my mom fixed my diamond ring (two of the 6 prongs had broken)

    Used orange rinds to make another batch of orange vinegar cleaner that'll be ready in three weeks.

  2. Stayed close to home, used the library, lots of scratch cooking and organizing!

    More here:

  3. Ate all meals at home. We had my son's birthday party which isnt the cheapest since we invite our families over and my husband has a big family of 8 brothers and sisters. Lol. So there are lots of cousins for my children to play with. We do make all the food for the party ourselves though and i make their birthday cakes. My mom made potato salad for the party too. We almost never have to buy clothes for our 3 children since they get clothes as gifts from my sister in law who works at macy's. :) i have been looking for a decorative mirror to hang in the kitchen and another of my sister in law gave me hers that she no longer uses since she moved to her new house. It was just sitting in her garage so she said i can have it if i liked it. She is such a lovely person.

  4. This week I bought 30% off meat expiring the next day and froze it at home.
    Line dried baby's laundry.
    Going to try to get back into cloth diapering.
    Bought $1 juice on sale, instead of the usual Oasis juice I buy.
    And put my Ergo on sale on Kijiji. Love your blog!

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