Frugal Accomplishments This Week

I had a great frugal week this week. I am proud of myself for what I did to save money. :-D I had a bit of a task to try to figure out how to serve more weight loss friendly, less grain heavy meals, healthier eating, etc... without spending a lot. I think I did a good job.
Things that are general, and not daily frugal things:
Rose is still 100% in cloth diapers. Anneliese, we ran out of disposable diapers for her, so she was in cloth diapers until I bought new. In case you're wondering why we use disposable at all for her- she really uses so few diapers a day (since we're partially potty training) that paying for disposables isn't costing so much, so I'd rather not have to deal with her poops in cloth diapers if I can use disposables. It probably takes us more than a month to go through a package of diapers for her, so its not a big deal.
I am extra pleased with myself that we did not use the dryer at all this week, despite having lots of laundry to do and it raining a few days.

Here's what we did to save money this week:

I went shopping at the farmer's market's past prime produce store.
While I was in the city (so saved a bus fare) got Anneliese cheap cute sandals.
Used up some produce that was on its very very last legs to make bibimbap.
Mixed up a bunch of leftovers to make "leftover surprise" for lunch.

Made a vegan Indian legume based lunch.
Used smashed rice cakes and leftover rice in a meatball recipe.
Made homemade brownies using ingredients we had in the house and no xanthan gum.

Served fruit and homemade yogurt with homemade granola for breakfast.
We were invited to a BBQ and were asked to contribute something- either cash or food. We contributed meat that we had in our freezer that we got on sale, and potato salad made with potatoes from the farmer's market past prime produce store.
Made a fire for grilling using foraged wood.
We took home leftovers from the BBQ to use for meals later on in the week.
Someone at the BBQ passed on to us some old pretty serving dishes and (new) hand me down clothes for the kids.

Collected some bottles that are redeemable for cash at the grocery store.
I went to a local sale where they sell so many cheap things, and I picked up some dairy and frozen veggies for a great price, and wasn't tempted by the extra "cheap" treats that we didn't need.
Made homemade yogurt.
Set up beans to soak.

Made gluten free flatbread.
Made lentil dal and other cheap Indian dishes for lunch and supper.

Cooked soaked beans.
Served leftover medley for lunch.
Made homemade gluten free cookies with no xanthan gum.
Made homemade dairy free ice cream.
Made homemade coconut milk.

Foraged wild garlic/onion.

So, what did you do to save money this week?

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  1. I need to keep my eye out for a mandolin - I love how pretty your thinly sliced veggies look!

    I had a garage sale this week, used my diva cup, and continued with "No May Pay"!

    More accomplishments here:

    1. Mandolins definitely are cool! I inherited mine from a friend, and I use it for so many things! You just have to be careful with them not to slice off your finger...

  2. Cleaned the basement. This took days. (ugh, water on the floor). No opportunity to go shopping means frugal, right?

  3. What is bibimbap?

    I am going through my clothes and passing on any I no longer like/wear/don't fit any more. Have two bags already to go to the op shop. Also shoes from our 16 year old son that no longer fit him as feet seem to always grow, I cleaned them up and they are ready to go in the car too.

    Sweet potato and broccoli are really cheap here at the moment (obviously in season) so we are having them with every meal. including todays dinner which is creamy honey mustard chicken. I will be cooking this in our thermal pot which I love and use regularly.

    Have you ever used a solar cooker? I bought a cheap one on special and am now getting some recipes that will work well in it. We live in the tropics so I shouldn't have any trouble with it sun wise and hope it works like I think it should.

    I went to an op shop on Saturday and found my hubby some near new work shorts, two pairs of pants for me and a nice grey coat ( I have a fear my mother will make me visit her in the winter). Also needed some sports clothes and can't find any suitable in the op shop so I waited till on of our sports stores have a big sale on (30% off) and went and got some shorts and a t-shirt (just because I liked it).

    Have a bucket of passionfruit off our vines and am trying to eat them up at breakfast.

    Love your blog :) Keep up with the cloth nappies, you will be glad you did so, so much healthier on your baby's bottom than disposables.

    1. Bibimbap is a mixed Korean rice, veggie, and often meat dish.

      I love broccoli- so cool that you can have it every meal! What is a thermal pot? An insulated pot that cooks things using less heat?

      I had a solar cooker- two actually. In my old apartment I cooked so many things in it, including cake, etc...
      But then we moved, and I no longer have a yard... and because of that, have had more misses than hits with our solar cooking...
      So, I've decided that until we move to another apartment, that actually has a place that has sun for more of the day than we currently do, solar cooking simply isn't happening...

    2. A thermal pot is an insulated outer pot and an inner pot or some have one large inner pot and one smaller pot that sits inside the larger one. You start off cooking on the stove and depending on what you are cooking to how long you have it on the stove (meat needs a little longer on the stovetop compared to just veges and beans etc) Then when it is all nice and bubbly put it on the outer pot and shut the lid and leave it.

      Mine has the smaller pot as well so I usually do rice in it (or you can do a dessert) and then sit it in the larger one and they finish off cooking together, no more power involved.

      Lots of people in caravans use them, start them off in the morning and then when they stop for the day they have a hot meal ready to go. I start mine off at lunch time and then if I have to go out it is ready when we get home but nothing has been left on (powerwise), safer too.

      It is a modern hay box and well worth it if you can get one. They vary in price but are so handy, I use mine a lot.

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