Frugal Accomplishments This Week

Ok, I had a long day today, but don't want to go to bed without first posting my frugal accomplishments of the past week. This past week I spent money, but did it for frugal reasons. Among them- bulk buying, and thrift store shopping.

Darned socks.
Made homemade flatbread.
Brought along food for a trip instead of buying while out.
Bought 50 lbs of coconut oil in bulk for a terrific price.
Foraged lambsquarters.

Made homemade popcorn.
Made homemade sunflower milk.
Made homemade vegan pudding with the sunflower milk.
Used homemade pudding, crumbling leftover cookies, and homemade jam to make parfaits.
Used homemade sunflower milk to make a vegan cheese sauce.
Used old eggplants, lentils, and vegan cheese sauce to make a vegan moussaka.

Made porridge for breakfast.
Foraged lambsquarters.
Went to the grocery store and managed to walk out after having bought just the one cheap thing that I went there to buy.
Went to the second hand store and bought 3 dresses for Anneliese, a hat and a few scarves, 5 shirts and 1 nice skirt for myself, all for approximately 5 dollars.
Dumpster dove a stroller and 2 wooden pallets.
Made chili from cheap hamburgers, free onions, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, celery, and leftover lentils.

Made homemade pancakes.
Made homemade falafel and homemade flatbread.
Broke apart the wooden pallets to build stuff with them.
Took the hood and basket off the dumpster dived stroller (which turned out too broken to use) and added it to my spare stroller that was in perfect working condition, just missing a hood and a basket.

Made veggie scrap soup.
Made a homemade spice mix.
Picked a huge amount of nectarines off my friend's tree because she needed it done since she isn't available to do it herself and didnt want her yard filled with rotting fruit, so got a huge amount (an entire crate-full)of nectarines as "payment".
Made a lambsquarter risotto.

Found a cute stuffed animal that someone was throwing out and rescued it.
Treated an ill child with foraged olive leaf tea and olive leaf tincture.
Made homemade kombucha.
Picked a bouquet for decoration.
Picked up some stuff from the post office that I ordered cheaply from overseas- some from Aliexpress and some from Iherb.
Made 2 homemade cakes.
Made 2 homemade desserts from the free nectarines.

Started making plans for a new living room piece of furniture from our pallet wood.

What did you do to save money this week?

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  1. You are one busy lady! I am always so inspired by you. Thank you for sharing your frugal accomplishments!

  2. Wow...that's amazing! (The pallets especially. My husband eyed them and said, "Oh, what I could do with those...")

    We're still working on eating the food storage. Some odd meals this week, but the pancake cooked in the rice cooker was the biggest hit. And I found out that homemade soy milk done half and half with reconstituted dry storage milk is really good. The soy milk still has the ground up beans in it (no, I don't filter, seems a waste) and the regular milk cut the beany flavor.

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