Frugal Accomplishments This Week

We had a terrific frugal week. Anneliese is more potty trained than ever- even sometimes for #2... so we are rarely using diapers for her. Rose is exclusively in cloth diapers. It was a very got week and despite the heat, we didn't turn on fans much, let alone air conditioning and managed just fine. I also tried to keep the windows open for light instead of turning on the lightbulbs all the time.

Served leftovers.
Made a legume dish.
Dumpster dove a shelving unit which we put in our pot cabinet to make it more organized.
Added more hooks to our homemade pot rack.

Went to a business conference and paid a reduced fee since I enrolled early.
Hubby built a couch/shoe box from our pallet wood.
Made a black bean salad for supper.
Set up lentils to soak.
Set up sunflower seeds to soak.
Inherited a bunch of free gluten free bread crumbs from a gluten free friend who no longer needs them.

Made homemade sunflower milk.
Made homemade rice pudding with leftover rice, and served it for breakfast.
Served legumes/leftovers for lunch and supper.
Mike added hinges and latches to the shoe box bench.

My sister picked up 2 pillows for me (for our shoe box/bench to turn it into a couch) from a swap and sent them home to me with a local friend who was there.
Cooked legumes and cheapo or free produce, revamped leftovers, made pancakes for breakfast.
Got a bunch of stuff from my grandmother's apartment.
Foraged cactus paddles.
Made homemade pancakes.
Made homemade vegan chocolate milk.

Made veggie scrap soup with chicken drippings in it.
Cooked up gizzards in my crock pot, saved the liquid to use to cook my rice.
Made chicken soup from carcasses. Picked the meat off, and used it for another meal.
Made fruit scrap drink in my crock pot.
Made homemade coconut milk.
Cut 3 chicken breasts into 11 thin cutlets, which I used to make leek stuffed chicken breast, using free leeks.
Fixed my broken pressure cooker.

Prepared cactus paddles and made a nearly entirely foraged salad- cactus paddles, capers, chickpeas, wild onions, orange/lemon hybrid, tomatoes.
Made homemade healthy "Butterfingers".
Made homemade sunflower milk.
Made homemade lemonade jello.
Made homemade chocolate pudding.
Made 2 gluten free cakes including one that was xanthan gum free and vegan.

Used the sun to heat up my food, in a quasi solar cooker.
Gave Anneliese her first haircut.

What did you do to save money this week?

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement! I took apart our sandwich toaster and reconnected one lead- now it's back in business! what a savings!

  2. Fantastic week, congrats especially on the pressure cooker. I didn't do much except not go shopping, still eating food storage. (Really, why do I have so much dehydrated broccoli? What was I thinking?)

    1. I chuckled outloud to the broccoli comment! LOL

  3. I made several meals with nothing but stuff floating around the fridge and pantry. While I'm sure you do this every day, I mention it because 90% of the time we have half of the ingredients for something Asian and half the ingredients for something French. It drives me nuts. I did a lot of baking this week--cakes and cookies--rather than buy crap for my husband's sweet tooth. Also made applesauce (try adding a bit of vanilla at the end--yum!) with bargain-apples and froze it. And I got 1 kg of raw peanuts, which I'll turn into homemade PB if my husband okays the purchase of a new food processor (ours gave up the ghost--it's broken beyond repair).

    And we're starting to potty train kidlet. He's physically capable, but probably not all there mentally yet, so really it's more about getting him used to the concept of sitting on the potty intermittently than it is about making him use it. I'm still trying to work out when he's pooping--he grunts most of the time, but only after he's finished (kids, whaddya know?)

  4. Had a fairly good week.only stocked up on produce that was a great deal in addition to milk. Took your advice and asked grocer if I could have some of the cauliflower leaves that were about to go to the farm.make a lovely dish with my take on collard greens.invented Vietnamese meat balls to use up cilantro growing like crazy in garden.made homemade saline rinse for sinus infection.Was given some medicated nasal spray by Dr(severe inflection for 3weeks antibiotics required:( ) Much growing well in garden.looking forward to the out freezer to make room.

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