Prepaid Credit Cards

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Getting the Most From Your Money

A prepaid debit card can be an easy and convenient tool for those looking to get a grip on their spending. If you are trying to stick to a budget or are trying to keep your kids to a budget, a prepaid card is worth having because you can only spend what is on the card. This limits your ability to make impulse purchases and put yourself even further in debt.

Use the Card When You Go Out

If you are going on a shopping trip or on vacation, you should take a prepaid debit card loaded with the cash that you need to spend while you are away. Using a prepaid card is a good decision because you get the convenience of paying in cash with the security of a credit card. Users who lose their card or have it stolen may not be liable for any fraudulent purchases that are made.

Keep Track of Your Spending

You can go online to see where you have spent your money and how much money has been spent in the last 24 hours, last week or the last 30 days. If you have kids, you can keep track of their spending and help them make better choices in the future. For example, if your kids are spending $100 a week eating out, you can show them how buying food at the store and eating a meal at home is both healthier and less expensive.

Reload Your Card Whenever You Want

When your card balance is running low, you can reload it at a variety of different locations as well as online. If you reload your prepaid card online, you can have your money available to you as soon as you make the transactions.

A prepaid card is a powerful tool in your quest to control your spending and keep track of your finances. If you don't have a bank account, you can use your prepaid card to keep your money secure while receiving real time statements each time you make a purchase.

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