Chilled Carrot Soup with Leek and Cumin Recipe- Vegan, Easy, GAPS Legal

 photo IMG_0511_zps39cce8ee.jpgThe other day I wanted to make a fancy meal, and in my book, that typically includes having an appetizer. Soups are great appetizers, and chilled soups are perfect for the hot weather we've been having lately. Only I was in a bit of a bind, as the only veggies I had to use for my appetizers were carrots and some leeks that I got free at the farmer's market.
However, I played around with them and came up with this super delicious and super easy chilled carrot soup with leek and cumin. I am sure it would work just as great with onions instead of leek.
And best of all- its gluten free, dairy free, grain free, egg free, vegan, refined sugar free, Paleo/Primal/GAPs legal- perfect for everyone.
Unless you don't like carrots.
Then you wouldn't enjoy it.
But perfect for everyone else.
And did I mention that it's easy? Oh yea, I did already, but it still bears repeating.

P.S. Yes, I know I have a different chilled carrot soup on my site already. But that uses orange juice which I don't always/typically have in my house, so I kind of consider it a specialty ingredient. This is made with no specialty ingredients- you can use onion in place of leek and its completely "run of the mill" made with what most people anyhow always have in their house. So the orange carrot soup is simply divine, and I save it for special occasions when I do have orange juice in the house. And this recipe for when I don't.

Chilled Carrot Soup with Leek and Cumin Recipe- Vegan, Easy, GAPS Legal

2 tablespoons oil (any non strongly flavored one is fine)
1 1/2 cups chopped leek
3 garlic cloves
5 cups chopped carrots- I used 22 tiny carrots
4 cups water
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoon cumin

1. Chop the leek and garlic and saute them in the oil until browning.

2. Add your chopped carrots, cook for a few minutes, then add the water.

3. Bring to a boil, simmer covered on a low heat until completely soft.

4. Add the other ingredients.

5. Blend up until smooth. You can do this with an immersion blender, blender, or food processor (strain out the solids and pulverize them, then mix them back with the liquids, if using a food processor).

6. Chill.


What is your favorite easy and cheap appetizer to serve for fancy meals? Have you ever made a chilled carrot soup before? What was in it? Does this recipe look like something you'd try out?

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