Frugal Accomplishments This Week

I had a pretty intense and relatively stressful week, so frugality wasn't the top thing on my mind. I also had a really long and exhausting day today, but I didn't want to not post this, so I'm just posting this as is, no intro, no elaborations on the notes I took throughout this week.

Repaired a pair of Ike's pants
Rescued a cantaloupe from the trash
Got a free professional pic of Ike from his end of the year party at school
Served leftovers and made legumes for lunch and supper
Made my own Cajun spice mix and figured out a way to make the cheapest local fish taste good
Served foraged lambsquarters with lunch

Made homemade popcorn
Foraged a bunch of capers and caperberries and purslane and lambsquarters
Served leftovers and legume dishes for lunch and supper
Started the process of pickling capers and caperberries
Used leftover rice to make a delicious ground turkey, carrot and swiss chard fried rice.

Made a legume based lunch- rice and sprouted lentils- with foraged rosemary
Made plum ketchup from homemade plum jam (which I made with free plums)
Roasted a not so tasty watermelon to make it yummier, to use in a salad
Used foraged caperberries in a salad dressing
Made a homemade matching game out of old cereal boxes
Used lambsquarters in supper, together with crumbled up hamburgers (which are straight meat but cheaper than ground beef) to make a tomato vegetable meat sauce to go over pasta. I had it mixed also with sprouted lentils to make it stretch further.

Made polenta for breakfast
Made a cabbage and sprouted lentil salad for lunch
Started collecting items for a homemade I-Spy game

Foraged for capers, figs, and pomegranates

Served lentils and rice with carrots and fried onions for lunch
Made fried noodles as a snack
Made homemade salad dressing

Made fried noodles
Finished pickling my capers and caperberries

Did you have a frugal week this week? What did you do to save money?

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  1. Crumbled up pre-made hamburgers are cheaper than ground beef here too.

    That's a really inspiring list; I'm taking notes for the upcoming week.

    All I did was repair my daughter's quilt and eat the same meal over and over and over again. My husband was very polite, especially once we got to Day 6 of the Mystery Meat casserole.

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