How To Save Money On Your Holiday in Spain

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Spain remains one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, attracting visitors from across the globe, and it’s little surprise that over 50 million of us each year head to the country. Spain holidays are perfect if you want to unwind and enjoy beach vacations that combine tranquil sunbathing and fun-filled island hopping. It is a country that boasts a rich culture, unique cuisine and breath-taking heritage. But if the cost of a holiday to Spain seems to be out of reach then a number of money-saving options exist to make travelling with the family more affordable.

Save in the city

A day in one of Spain’s impressive cities is an unmissable part of any holiday and significant savings can be enjoyed by purchasing a city pass. Available from the tourist office of the city, at some shops and online, the city pass gains you free admission to many attractions in addition to discounted prices in restaurants and shops. You can also select the days and times for which the pass is valid – especially useful if you have young children and don’t plan to explore your surroundings in the evening.

Eat big at lunch!

Eating your main meal in the evening may be more familiar but catch a glimpse of the world-famous Menu del Dia and you’ll easily convince yourself that you could eat a horse at lunch. Restaurants and cafes often serve set lunch menus – in Spain the main meal of the day – for low prices: three courses, bread and wine for €12-15, a bargain that’ll keep you going all day.

Book an apartment

Short let apartments are gaining popularity across Spain and there’s a good reason why: it can save you money. Equipped with small kitchens, these can be surprisingly cost-effective as you can self-cater as you wish, saving you considerably compared to hotel dining. Most Spanish towns and cities host regular markets where you can pick up some culinary bargains, plus you get to eat when you want in the comfort of your apartment.

Round up!

Forget 10%: when you do enjoy a meal at a restaurant, simply round up your bill to the whole Euro and leave the difference as a tip. Anything more is unexpected and unnecessary.

Holidaying in Spain is an unmissable experience for the whole family but it needn’t cost over the odds. With a little forward planning and the determination to hunt out some genuine bargains, a Spanish vacation can certainly be within your reach.

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