Monday, September 8, 2014

Frugal Accomplishments This Week

Since people liked this format last time I did it, and since I didn't manage to keep track of what we did each day to save money, here's what we did this last week to be frugal, broken down by categories.

Frugal Kids:
After a few weeks of tummy bugs and then traveling, during which I was using disposable diapers on Rose, we're finally back home, with the ability to cloth diaper again, and I'll be honest, I'm super tempted to use disposables... but I'd say 85% of the time we're back to cloth with her, so that's a work in progress. Once the pack we have gets used up, no more- strictly cloth diapering again.
And Anneliese is never wearing diapers anymore, not even at night, so that's super awesome.

Frugal in the Kitchen:
For supper, made do with what we had in the house after coming back from vacation instead of going shopping, so had a mix and match meal.
Gave the kids revamped leftovers for lunch one day.
Made sprouted lentil sloppy sams.
Made polenta porridge for breakfast one morning instead of cereal and milk.
Made a random breakfast for myself using odds and ends- grated carrots, super soft beets, lambsquarters, sprouted lentils, mustard.
Experimented making homemade gluten free seitan, and made some gluten free sausages.
Made homemade ketchup.
Made homemade terriyaki sauce.
Ground up a bunch of gluten free flours.
Made a lot of gluten free bread mix batches.
Made homemade fluffy gluten free vegan bread.
Made homemade gluten free chocolate cake.
After I went shopping, I saw that some of the stuff I got from the reduced rack stand at the farmer's market needed to be cooked ASAP or it would spoil, so I cooked it all up and once, then used it as the week went by.
The zucchini I got had some larger harder seeds that arent so pleasant to chew, so I cored it and saved the cores for soup making.
Made homemade kombucha.
Made milkshakes with frugal fruit instead of cereal and milk for breakfast.

Dumpster diving:
Mike got a free English textbook that they were throwing out where he was working.

Growing Things:
Set lentils to sprout.

Foraged figs and passion fruit.

Frugal Transportation:
Went to the city to do some shopping- took advantage of transfers, being strict with time, so I wouldn't be paying extra for transportation.

Frugal Shopping
Bought the kids cheap, quality birthday presents.
Bought Lee a replacement wheel for a riding toy of his that he loves.
Found a cheap place to buy a bathing suit for myself and bought one.
Got a bunch of homeschooling books for the kids cheaply from the second hand store.
Got a huge amount of produce super cheaply from the farmer's market.
My cheaply bought tent arrived.
My local grocery store had some amazing sales on meat, chicken, and fish, so I stocked up... a lot. I shouldn't have to buy any of this for at least a few months.

Other Frugal Things:
Mike worked out at home many times using his cheap therapy bands.
I had frugal at home dance/workout sessions while baby wearing.
The kids did yoga along with youtube videos.

What did you do to save money this past week?


  1. Using lots from the garden, using my rain barrel to water plants, bought two fruit trees for 10 a piece, using up ALL the leftovers - a new commitment. I'm so sick over the food waste caused by poor planning!

    Here's a little more...

  2. Great post! I tried a new frugal laundry detergent recipe. I've been making liquid detergent for years but decided to try and powder recipe. I really like it and it was easier to make.

    I posted more ways I saved money on my blog.


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