Frugal Accomplishments This Week

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Hi y'all! I hope you have had a great and frugal week this past week! This week in our hours involved lots of cooking and making messes in the kitchen... but all for good things, as we had a few birthday related get togethers...
And another plus- its been cool enough that we didn't use the AC even one time, and we barely used the fans either. So that's cool.

Here's what we did to save money this past week:

Frugal Shopping:
Stocked up on grape juice, wine, and pickles on extreme sale at the scratch and dent store.
Stocked up on jaggery to use as a cheaper healthier sweetener.
Got some cheap produce from the grade B store at the farmer's market as well as a bunch of free produce there as well.
Bought myself some super cheap jewelry- 50 cent earrings...

Free Things:
Went to a clothes and everything else swap and came home with an amazing haul of free stuff.
Dumpster dove a gorgeous shirt and scarf.

Frugal in the Kitchen:
Made pasta with tuna and free leek and swiss chard.
Made homemade sesame milk.
Served homemade chocolate granola with sesame milk and free nectarines from the farmer's market for breakfast.
Made red lentil dal (twice) with homemade curry powder, free swiss chard, and free mango and free nectarine chutney for lunch.
Made two homemade gluten free crazy cakes- chocolate and vanilla, twice.
Made homemade powdered sugar.
Made homemade frosting- first a regular vegan buttercream, and then a mocha lower sugar vegan buttercream.
Made homemade fondant.
Decorated my kids' birthday cake, and then another birthday cake for a joint family party.
Made homemade popcorn.
Made homemade crispy fried noodle snacks.
Ground more gluten free flours.
Made a bunch of gluten free bread mixes.
Brought along meat I already had in my freezer, bought on sale, for a BBQ.
Made homemade gluten free rolls.
Brought home leftover meat from the BBQ.
Made crockpot chicken scrap soup.
Made crockpot apple core drink.
Made homemade fish head broth from free fish heads.
Made homemade coconut milk.
Made homemade healing broth for pennies.
Served leftover BBQ meat for supper.
Made homemade rice crispies treats.
Served chicken scrap soup.
Made apple core alcohol.

Foraged olive leaves and made olive leaf tea.

Frugal Good Times
Threw my kids a cheap, healthy, and fun birthday party (will post about that soon).

Frugal Transportation
Needed to get to another city. Getting there by bus from the nearest city would have been fastest, but instead I spent more time taking a bus within the city (at no extra cost since I had a bus transfer anyhow) to take the train to another city. This made my trip cost half as much as it would have otherwise, and I made a fun adventure/night out, out of it, so I didn't mind the extra time spent traveling.

What did you do to save money this week? Are you proud of your frugal accomplishments or do you feel you could have done more?

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  1. What is olive leaf tea for?

    I LOVE nectarines! That would be a big score in my house.

    Like you, mist of my frugal stuff was in the kitchen. Lots of food experiments that turned out to be hits!

    I brought a nice but frugal-ish meal to my friend on bed rest and hosted Sunday night dinner. While that's not necessarily frugal, it;s totally worth it.

    I also brought my lunch everyday last week which is a HUGE savings.

    A few more things here:

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