Frugal Accomplishments This Week

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Hi there every one! It's time for the weekly round up, where I tell you just what I did to save money this week. As you can see, it was a rather skimpy one- I didn't really do so many frugal things, or rather, at least not as many as I typically do. But didn't do much spending either, so that's the other side of the same coin.

Here's what I did to save money this week (not broken down by day of the week or category, sorry!):

Got free past prime veggies, from a friend and also from the farmer's market.

Got a bunch of super cheap past prime produce from the farmer's market, from the "past prime" stall.

I'd left my teff flour at the Ethiopian store last time I was there- the store owner remembered me because we'd talked last time and gave me free teff flour this time to make up for what I'd forgotten the other time.

I dumpster dove three books.

Made homemade flax based vegan mayonnaise.

Made a lentil based sauce for rice.

Made homemade coconut milk.

Made homemade gluten free bread a few times, and bread mix.

Ground gluten free flour.

Made gourmet gluten free all purpose flour mix.

Made homemade gluten free pie crust.

Used leftover pie crust, repurposed, to make a veggie crumble.

Made a homemade apple cake.

Cooked up some dried black eyed peas for supper.

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A bottle of my homemade sriracha,
in a repurposed sesame oil bottle. Perfect sized hole.
Made homemade sriracha sauce, and when I realized I "flopped" it by using non spicy dried peppers, I fixed the flop by adding hot pepper flakes to it, and made it spicy after all.

The local grocery store had all produce 50% off, and all meat 30% off, so I stocked up a little.

Prepared and froze spaghetti squash (bought on sale) to use as a pasta replacement in the future.

Made gluten free carrot cake.

Made gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

Made maqlooba using cheap meat, eggplants that I got free and needed to figure out what to do with them, as well as leftover sliced tomatoes and sliced onion.

Froze leftovers that I saw I wouldn't be using, so they'd be able to be used another time and not spoil.

Made homemade healthy sports drink.

Made miso soup using my dad's homemade miso.

Made homemade spicy mayo.

Made my own homemade mojitos.

What did you do to save money this week?

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  1. I switched from buying tinned beans to dried. Then made and froze a vat of chilli con carne. It took 9 hours in the slower cooker.

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