Frugal Accomplishments This Week

Hello y'all! It's that awesome time of the week, where I, once again, share what frugal things I did this week, hopefully to inspire and give ideas, as well as to share things that I do in my day to day life that don't necessarily need a whole post to write about each one.

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This past week was a good one. Here's what we did to save money throughout the week:

I made red lentil soup, with leftover chicken broth and carrots, plus leftover rice and parsley that needed to be used up ASAP.
Even though it was raining, I line dried my launry.
I picked up my betterworldbooks books order and iherb order that arrived in the mail. (Two books on marriage, some essential oils, and garbage free gluten free soy sauce.)
Mike bought a book from a bookstore using a voucher he got in the mail.

I made split pea curry.
I made homemade sushi rice.
I made miso soup with my dad's homemade miso.
I had a frugal at-home workout.
Made plaster cast animal prints.(More about that in a future post.)

Got money for recycling we returned.
Stocked up on cheap gluten free cereal.
Made homemade goat ghee (recipe to come).
Made homemade hot sauce using hot peppers from my friend's garden.
Served wild greens sauted in ghee for supper.
Foraged sow thistle and wild mustard.
Picked up my groupon purchased pressure cooker and book from from the mail.
Revamped leftover mashed potatoes into patties.
Made split pea soup.

Picked up some cans for cash.
Got hand me down robes from my sister (who never wore them) and a book and some cups.
Made kimchi style pickled cucumbers.
Got some free carrots which were half icky, so cut out the bad parts, soaked it in vinegar, and cooked the rest so it wouldn't spoil.
Cooked up the fish that defrosted from my freezer.
Repaired my fridge instead of getting a new fridge.

Made lentil stew.
Made homemade berbere spice mix.
Made vegan split pea soup.
Had an at home workout.

Made homemade sunflower milk.
Made homemade chocolate pudding.
Made homemade flat bread.

Had an at home workout.

What did you do to save money this past week?

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  1. I think you'll like your pressure cooker!

  2. Wow! How old are your children? This is inspirational! I have a 2.5 year old and am currently pregnant, due in January. This week sounds exhausting to me, but something to aspire to, haha!
    I wish I could make more from home, but lately I'm just tired lol!

    1. 7, 5, nearly 3, and 7 months old. Pregnancy is exhausting!

  3. I have just bought a 25kg sack of organic raw buckwheat. It was less than £2 a kg (live in UK), but the supplier also threw in a kg of brazil nuts! I consider anything less than £2 a kg for organic grain to be frugal enough.
    I am new to buckwheat, but it sounds very versatile - I can sprout it, add a little to bread dough, and toast some to make kasha.

  4. Do you homeschool all your children? Very impressed with your blog. I found very useful information.

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