Frugal Accomplishments This Past Week

It's that time of the week where, once again, I do some reflection on the past week, and see whether or not I was spendy or frugal, and then share the frugal things with everyone. (Maybe once in a while I should have a "my frugal flops this past week". Hahaha.)

This past week was ok. Can't say it was the most frugal ever, but it wasn't spendy. I didn't do a ton of spendy things, but didn't do a ton of money saving things either. I've had better weeks and I've certainly had worse weeks...

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Here's what I did to save money this past week, broken down by categories:

Frugal in the Kitchen
Ground lots of gluten free flour
Made a bunch of gluten free bread mixes
Made buckwheat porridge a few times for breakfast
Made a bunch of homemade cream cheese and froze it (in retrospect... I shouldn't have frozen it. My kids are happy to eat it, but the texture is off.)
Made an Ethiopian lentil stew.
Didn't waste any food- revamped leftovers for everything.
Cooked up salmon carcass, picked the meat off the bones, and used that in some other dishes
Butchered my own whole chickens.
Made chicken scrap soup with the drippings from steamed chicken wings.
Took the meat off a chicken carcass to be able to use it for another dish.
Made homemade kombucha.
Made homemade healthy butterfingers.
Made homemade sugar free apple pie filling.

Frugal Shopping
Stocked up on reduced rack pomegranates, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, persimmons, avocado, sweet potato, and butternut squash
Stocked up on chicken wings on sale and ground chicken on sale.
Bought a bunch of sale sour creams.

Other Frugal Things
I'd bought a bunch of treats at the farmer's market and grocery store at a great price, but in the past, when I did that, we didn't save money because we just ended up eating these treats faster. This time we've been judicious with them, still have most of it left, so it is being a money saver instead of a money waster like it has been in the past.
I did a few extra things to earn money this week. So even though it wasn't particularly saving money, more income means I can spend more and still be in good shape.
Used breast milk and olive leaf tea to heal an eye infection.
Had a ton of free at home workouts.
Bought some household goods from a store that was having a great sale
De-clogged our kitchen sink ourselves instead of calling a plumber.
Inherited some of my friend's soap making equipment that she realized she never was going to use.

What did you do to save money this past week?
And totally non frugal blunders?
Or would you say altogether it was a great week financially?

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  1. Thanks for the wheat free baking mix directions- I need to start making my own!

    One of the way we have been saving a ton of money is by switching cell phone providers. We moved over to ting & have been saving at least $75 a month. They are having an awesome promotion through dec 1. $100 credit for new customers through a referral link!

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