Frugal Accomplishments This Week

Hello y'all! It's that awesome time of the week, where I, once again, share what frugal things I did this week, hopefully to inspire and give ideas, as well as to share things that I do in my day to day life that don't necessarily need a whole post to write about each one.

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I decided that I'll be moving the frugal accomplishments of the week to Sunday instead of Monday as it's been, starting next week, so see you then!

Meanwhile, here's what we did frugally this past week in our home:

Foraged passion fruit
Made revamped leftover fried rice
Served legumes for breakfast and supper as the protein
Put up a batch of gluten free sourdough bread mix to start fermenting
Had an at home workout
Ordered quality running shoes online on sale, for much cheaper than I regularly pay for shoes
Ordered sports bras from ebay, for a fraction of the local price
Served wild greens and homemade pickles with supper
Put buckwheat porridge in the crockpot overnight
Made a lentil and wild green sauce together with the last bits of an open can of tomato sauce from the fridge, for lunch Monday.

Served buckwheat porridge for breakfast
Served lentils and wild greens for lunch.
Tidied up the house and discovered some expensive ingredients I had but lost and had been planning on buying again, so now no need.
Made lentil crepes for supper
Mike fixed the washing machine that was acting funny
Made homemade kombucha
Went shopping at the second hand store- bought myself a sweater, 2 scarves, a headband for Anneliese, and a duvet cover
Made a homemade weighted blanket
Had an at home workout.

Made homemade gluten free sourdough bread
Picked feijoas
Made sugar free pudding from butternut squash
Went to the farmer's market and bought cheap fish parts (head and bones), green coffee beans to make green coffee extract, and produce from the seconds stall
Made homemade porridge

Revamped porridge into tuna patties
Got some cheap clothes for myself and the kids from the second hand store
Served fish head for supper
Made a cabbage salad from the cabbage core
Made gluten free sourdough bread

Revamped leftovers for breakfast
Lentils for lunch, along with carrots that froze in the fridge
At home workout routine

Served fish heads for supper
Made onion soup with no beef broth, no wine, super cheaply
Made homemade whipped topping/fluff
Foraged passionfruit

Served cold cucumber soup from cucumbers that froze in the fridge

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  1. Hi! I'm intrigued by your revamped porridge into tuna patties meal. Where you using left over porridge? There was porridge left over at the weekend and I really couldn't think of anything to do with it!

    1. Yea, I had some leftover unsweetened buckwheat porridge. I added some mustard, soy sauce, tuna patties, minced onion flakes, and eggs, and fried them up. They were terrific, according to my kids. You could probably do that with leftover oatmeal also.

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