Sunday, November 9, 2014

Frugal Accomplishments This Week

Hey all, now's that time of week where I share with you the various frugal things I and my family members did to save money over the past week. Starting today, hopefully I'll be getting this post up on Sunday, and not Monday like I've been doing.

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Here's what we did to save money this past week:

Roasted a salmon carcass, deboned it, and used the fish for 2 meals for myself.
Stocked up on tuna on sale, and 22 lbs of chicken wings with a great sale. I needed olive oil, and almost bought some "on sale" until I realized that there was another brand, not on sale, that was cheaper than the "sale" stuff, so I bought that.
Foraged wild greens- mallow and wild mustard.
Bought from the reduced rack- apples, sweeties, cucumbers, pomelas.

Ground gluten free flours.
Put together a gluten free bread mix.
Went to the city and brought along food instead of buying while out.
Got a whole bunch of things I needed from a "dollar store" type store.
Got a bunch of perfect condition free zucchini at the farmer's market, since it was the end of the day.
Made a vegan chickpea flour based quiche (made with those free zucchinis) to bring along to a party.

Picked some hot peppers, basil, and tomatoes from my friend's garden.
Foraged purslane.
Ground some himalayan pink salt that I'd bought in bulk.
Made homemade mock nutella spread.
Made homemade toothpaste.

Made homemade sesame milk.
Revamped leftover rice by making it into tuna patties.
Made a frugal art project- painting cereal boxes, and plaster cast footprints.
Served foraged mallow for supper
Saved liquids from steaming chicken wings (which I bought on great sale) to make chicken soup.

Made homemade gluten free pizza.
Made homemade marinara sauce.
Made chicken soup from chicken wings steaming water and chicken bones
Made minestrone soup from leftover marinara sauce, lentils, leftover eggplant salad, leftover steamed turnips, and leftover pasta.
Made homemade kombucha.

Made homemade chocolate banana ice cream (not this exact recipe, but one very similar)
Served leftovers for lunch and supper

Served fish head for supper

What did you do to save money this past week?


  1. You are so inspiring!

    What did I do this week?

    I might be moving soon so I'm trying to use up all of the food that's in my house and not go grocery shopping unless it's absolutely necessary. So this past week I cleaned out my freezer. I normally buy a whole fryer chicken every week. If I don't just cook it whole, I cut it up myself because that's cheaper. Well most people would throw out the carcass skins, but a while back I remember reading an article that you wrote about making stuffed chicken skins with rice. I have been saving my chicken skins for a while, so that's what I did! I used one of those rice mix packages and instead of butter I put in little bit of chicken rendering.

    Mine did not shape into balls very well though. I had a horrible time getting them to stay and I couldn't seem to poke the toothpicks through the skin but once they were all cooked up, they taste good and I have popped them back in the freezer so that I can use the leftovers whenever I get hungry for a snack.

    I'm not very good at foraging but I've been thinking about going out and looking for Dandilion greens because I know they don't have any dangerous twins. I know this time of year the dandelion greens are supposed to be more bitter but I did a recipe a couple years ago with double steaming and bacon grease that took out some of the better and was quite nice... I have another partially used package of bacon in the freezer that I need to use up before I move.

    I was going to go pick up walnuts from a post on Craigslist, but it turns out that they were all gone.

    I just love your blog. I don't comment very much but I do read it. Your blog is one of the few I read regularly. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    Selena Marie

  2. Hey Penny,

    You once mentioned that you foraged lantana and I was wondering if you could make a blog post about it. I've seen what looks like the plant in several areas of my neighborhood but the seed in the individual berry "pods" are very hard and big so I was worried it was just a relative. Thanks!


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