Frugal Accomplishments This Past Week

Its that time of the week where I share with my wonderful readers all the ways in which I saved money in the last week, hopefully some of which would be ideas that you could use as well.

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This week was really a great one in the Penniless household! Lots of frugal stuff going on, lots of things I'm excited about and happy to share with you. Top on the list? Foraging! Yay! Got lots of that done, and the weather was perfect for it!

Here's what we did to save money this past week:

The kids and I did some foraging and mushroom hunting- came home with black nightshade, weeping boletes, and hollyhocks.
I foraged lambsquarters near the playground while my kids were playing.
Ike foraged some mallow and wild mustard for me.
Foraged sow thistle near the playground on a different trip.
Mike foraged olive leaves.

Frugal in the Kitchen:
Made supper- a plov from some wild greens picked last week (wild sage, umbilicus, and others) plus the weeping boletes, mallow, and black nightshade berries.
Made a shake with foraged lambsquarters for breakfast.
Made veggie chicken patties from chicken that was on carcasses from making broth, plus past prime veggies, lentils, and lambsquarters.
Cooked salmon heads for supper.
Ground a bunch of gluten free flour.
Put together a gluten free bread mix.
Made chocolate buckwheat bake for breakfast.
Made a salad with foraged sow thistle, past prime veggies, and meat from half a salmon head.
Made lentils for supper.
Made homemade gluten free waffles.
Revamped leftover rice and a half can of tomato paste into a super delish dish (together with an open bottle of discount bought coconut milk and sale tuna fish).
Made some homemade restaurant quality kebabs (much cheaper than the frozen kebabs they offer here, plus healthier and yummier to boot) with sale puexhAWS ground beef.
Used foraged lambsquarters, sale ground beef, and homemade beef broth (made from boiling a cheap cut of beef in order to soften it, then frozen) to make Indonesian meatball soup.

Frugal Shopping:
Went to the grocery store and stocked up on cheap sale gluten free crackers, plus very cheap bottled coconut milk and rice milk (nearly as cheap as dairy milk) and some more cheap gluten free sliced bread, plus a bunch of super cheap reduced rack produce (apples, fennel, clementines, oranges, turnips, radishes for 25 cents a pound), and a few other non reduced rack but still super cheap produce- 24 cent a pound eggplant and 36 cents a pound oroblancos/sweeties.
Husband went out with someone to the local mall- everything was 50% off, so they ate out two for the price of one, he got some household equipment 50% off, and got some natural Febreeze alternative, also 50% off.
I bought Anneliese birthday presents online cheaply
Got the kids a microscope cheaply for the holidays/homeschooling equipment from a deal website.
Bought some books online after price comparing- some from, some, some, and some

Free Stuff:
Got some hand me down books (that I'd been looking for) from a neighbor.

Frugal Health
Had an at home workout.
Had a free workout in the park.
Made olive leaf tea to combat colds.
Had the "pleasure" of discovering lice... so I treated the lice naturally and frugally.

Frugal Fun:
Made white clay crafts (recipe coming soon) with the kids.

Went to and from the grocery store using a bus transfer, so only had to pay for one ride.
Lugged everything home by bus instead of paying for delivery.
Did some reorganizing and decluttering and found a bunch of missing items that I had been planning on buying in the next few days since I couldn't find them anywhere so thought I had none left (candles, certain books, balloons, and pony tail holders.)
Gave the boys haircuts.

So, what did you do to save money this past week? Anything you were particularly proud of? Alternatively, did you do anything particularly unfrugal that you're not proud of?

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