Frugal Accomplishments This Past Week

Sorry this was a little delayed! We went out on a family trip yesterday and didn't get back until late, so didn't have a chance to post this yet!

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Here's what we did to save money this past week in the Penniless household.

Made koshari, an Egyptian dish made with lentils for lunch and supper.
Went shopping and bought gluten free bread, pasta, crackers on sale, as well as reduced rack cucumbers, beets, radishes, and onions, and very cheap not reduced rack eggplant. Also got sale steak! and sale chicken wings and a cheap whole chicken, and beef bones bought cheaply. And sale chocolate and olive oil!!!
Butchered the whole chicken.
Rendered chicken fat.
Ate the cracklins.
Made from scratch hot cocoa.

Leftovers- koshari- for lunch
Painted our white clay crafts.
Made chocolate coins in various flavors.
Used cheap beef bones to make a super delicious healthy bone broth.
Made homemade vegan custard.

Took out the beef fat from my bone broth, to use for cooking/frying.
Got free past prime bananas and apples from the corner grocery store.
Foraged mallow, sow thistle, and plantain.
Made vegan mallow patties.
Made flax eggs to use in a few recipes.
Made homemade applesauce.
Made homemade citrus cleaner.

Made homemade jalebi (an Indian fried sweet/treat).
Used cream cheese that didn't freeze well (don't try that again!) to make cheese pancakes.
Lined my frying pan with baking paper instead of buying an expensive non stick frying pan (I was unable to use my cast iron pan like I usually do when I need something non stick).
Made sow thistle patties.
Made a healing shake using plantains and a whole bunch of other healthy stuff.
Grew myself a new kombucha mother

Foraged plantain, lemons, mallow, sow thistle, milk thistle, and wild mustard.
Made homemade chicken broth from wings and leftover bones, then reused the meat for another dish.

Made homemade vegan cheese sauce.
Made moussaka using the boiled chicken from my chicken soup.
Made buckwheat and lentil curry for lunch.

Had fried rice made with homemade terriyaki sauce and boiled chicken from my chicken soup.

What did you do to save money this past week?

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  1. I really enjoy seeing how others are finding ways to be frugal. It's inspirational.
    -Candlewick Mama

  2. I am always amazed at the various items you know how to cook for your family . Perhaps a cook book should be your next adventure Tammy Romberg

  3. "Took out the beef fat from my bone broth, to use for cooking/frying." Do you mean that after the broth has cooled and the fat hardens at the top, you remove that for cooking/frying? Gosh, I used to just throw that and other fat I'd cut off from meat out.

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