Frugal Accomplishments This Past Week

Hey there! It's that time of week where I share the latest frugal goings on in my house. Maybe I should start a "unfrugal blunders this past week" for those weeks where frugality doesn't happen so much? Haha...
Ok, so it was a bit of a crazy week, so I don't really have it broken down by day (I only even managed to write down what I remembered last night.... and now I'm running on three hours of sleep, sooooo....)

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Here's what we did this past week to save money... That I remember.

Frugal Housekeeping:
Even though it rained a few days this past week, I didn't use the dryer even once. (Just fell behind on laundry... and now I have to deal with Mount Washmore...)

Frugal Fun Things
Made a frugal holiday party for the family.
Made a frugal birthday party for Anneliese (more about that hopefully tomorrow).
Brought along lunch and treats from home when going on two different trips so didn't have to buy/spend more money.
Bought the zoo pass for my kids as their gift, which will save us money on future zoo trips, without cluttering up our home.
Made plaster of paris molds for crafts.

Frugal Shopping
Bought some drug store type stuff on ebay for much cheaper than can be bought locally, even factoring in overseas shipping.
Bought buckwheat in bulk, negotiating prices for a better deal than what they were going to give me.
Bought coconut sugar in bulk- 15 lbs at a great sale price that was lower than iherb's, even without factoring in shopping prices.
Checked out a store that was supposedly great priced but is far from me- before going there I asked in a local frugal group what the best deals there were, came in with a shopping list of just that, and didn't buy extras- everything I got was a great price, cheaper than I can get at the cheap stores near me.
Got some cheap salmon heads as well as past prime zucchinis and bananas at the farmer's market.

Went foraging for mallow, sow thistle, plantain, and chickweed.

Frugal in the Kitchen
Am attempting to make a Nepalese fermented wild greens recipe called gundruk.
Made a delicious salad with chickweed and leftover roasted potatoes and leftover tahini dressing.
Made my own vegan mayo.
Made my own homemade ketchup.
Made my own salad dressing as a dip for veggies.
Butchered a whole chicken, including turning chicken breasts into a few cutlets
Made beef bone soup bought super cheaply (also using beef bones that I used in a previous batch of soup, to try to get the most out of it).
Took the fat from the beef soup, to use for cooking.
Made chicken broth from chicken frames, then picked the bone off that to add back to the soup along with a half used can of tomato paste that needed to be used up, as well as some past prime zucchinis and onions.
Made a few salads using the onion sprouts that grew on their own from my onions.
Made homemade natural food coloring.
Made a birthday cake from scratch, using homemade coconut oil frosting.
Ground my own gluten free flour.
Made homemade gluten free waffles and froze the extra to use at a later date.

What did you do to save money this past week?

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