Frugal Accomplishments This Week

We have had a really beautiful last week locally, which made me want to do one thing- get outdoors! The kids and I went out a lot because of this, and we made sure to bring along frugal food for ourselves on all our trips so we didn't need to buy while out. And while out, we did a lot of frugal fun things that ended up saving us money.
To be honest, I didn't as many frugal things in the kitchen as I usually do- didn't make so much from scratch and barely made any legumes... but even so, I kept down costs in the kitchen by using only sale or reduced rack items.
For better or for worse, Ike decided he doesn't like cereal and milk anymore- he says milk "tastes like pineapple" and that if he has milk more, he won't like chicken anymore... Go figure. I have no idea what that means... but either way, he's not eating cereal and milk for breakfast, which means my lazy breakfast option isn't really doable anymore, which is pushing me to actually make healthier, cheaper breakfasts for everyone if I have to be cooking for Ike anyhow.

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So, here's what we did to save money this past week:

Frugal in the Kitchen
Made homemade smoothie for breakfast with nettles one time, with wood sorrel another time, and the rest being reduced rack fruit.

Made (foraged) nettle and mushroom saute for supper.

Made honey mustard salmon heads for supper.

Made a dish with ground chicken (bought on sale) with foraged wild greens (mallow, umbillicus, wild fennel, and 2 types of wild sage).

Made a dish with frozen broccoli and mushrooms (weeping boletes) I picked myself.

Made homemade rice pudding for breakfast instead of cereal and milk.

Made homemade gluten free, egg free waffles for breakfast (don't ask me for the recipe yet since it needs tweaking).

Made chicken soup from chicken frames left from the whole chicken I butchered.

Made lentil soup for supper.

Frugal Shopping
Bought warm wintry pajamas and leggings from a local clothing store having a great sale (buy any item in the store, get the second for $2).

A nearby grocery store chain is making all their gluten free staple items on sale, so I stocked up on a lot of rolls, pitas, sliced breads, and gluten free pasta which are possibly cheaper than making them from scratch now; even if they're less healthy, they're good to have as a backup.

Stocked up on a bunch of sale treats for the kids.

Picked up some weights I bought second hand from someone selling them.

I'd ordered sneakers for myself (as well as xylitol sweetened, garbage free gum) from the US for much cheaper than I could buy locally, and a friend who was visiting brought them here for me, so I didn't need to pay for shipping from the US. Even with paying for rush shipping (since I only knew about his trip a couple of days in advance- over Thanksgiving!) I ended up paying much less for my shoes (via than I'd pay for sale running shoes here.

Bought some sale coconut sugar from a local health food store (cheaper than, especially now that Iherb changed their overseas shipping rates).

Frugal Foraging
Went hiking, foraging, and mushroom hunting (for weeping boletes) with kids in a nearby wooded area- free fun trip with the added bonus of free food.

Foraged olive leaves and used them for tea making.

Frugal DIY
Mike replaced the pipe on our broken kitchen sink

Mike opened a clogged drain in our bathroom.

I figured out how to make my own plaster candle holders without a candle holder mold- for a craft I wanted to do with my kids.

What did you do to save money this week? Would you say this was one of your more frugal weeks, less frugal weeks, or about average?

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  1. I once had a desire to go mushroom foraging. Our friend who does health and safety at a mushroom farm sort of squashed that dream. You're brave and awesome!

    1. Thanks! Weeping bolete is the only mushroom I know how to find, identify, and use safely, and that's because I went hunting for it with an expert... And it's a hard one to mess up since there aren't look alikes... :-D But yea, it does take some bravery, I'll admit, especially when some friends are trying to convince you that you'll kill yourself and your family by eating mushrooms you picked and didn't buy...

  2. being sick for over a week now, pretty much the only frugal thing I did was eat less. :) Not the holiday weight loss plan I was going for. But I use homemade "mama cloth" (some made by me with fabric scraps, most made by my mother years ago for me as a gift) which definitely saves us $ over the long haul. That's only one reason I use mama cloth, but saving money certainly is attractive.

    1. I hope you feel better soon! Mama cloth's money savings is awesome. Only thing better than mama cloth is a moon cup. :-D

  3. This you call not doing much in the kitchen?! Wow!

    My husband has finally started letting me make him lunch to take to work, which means he's not buying and eating junk. I don't know if that ends up being more frugal (though it actually probably does, as junk can be expensive), but because I'm cooking for him I'm also cooking for myself and thus neither of us is buying expensive unhealthy junk. :-) I tried a lentil burger recipe that flopped (I think your site has one somewhere, I'll have to go find it), and homemade bread, and sweet potato fries, and I don't remember what else but I will be doing this a lot more!

  4. Do you order bulk gluten free supplies (flour, etc.) online? If so, I would to know where from! :)

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