Thursday, December 11, 2014

Save Money With A Reliable Sewing Machine And Some Sewing Skills

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Photo Credit: foto76
I love my sewing machine and use it regularly, and it certainly saves me money. I hope you enjoy this guest post on saving money with a sewing machine!

It won’t have escaped your attention the amount of money you can avoid spending if you skill up to make things for yourself instead of having to buy them. Sewing machines are practical home appliances that come with great gains. Even if you are a dab hand at sewing with needle and thread, there can be a terrific advantage in speed from using the said commodity, meaning that you can afford to take on bigger projects like new curtains or reupholstering your furniture! If you're new to sewing with a machine, try looking for the best starter sewing machine; no need for something more complex.


Maybe take a rain check on the upholstery, especially if you’re a sewing machine novice. No reason, though, to not do anything. Also, if you need additional tips and pointers with regards to this matter, you can always go online and look for some.

Sew: a needle pulling thread.

So how exactly do we save money? Apart from curtains, how about new cushion covers and bedding? What about those clothes in the charity shop that are perfect except for never being quite the right fit? Kid’s clothes made out of old curtains? It worked for Maria in “The Sound of Music”, maybe not from old Chintz, but there is no shortage of other fabrics that you could use.


No need to waste those offcuts either. Patchwork quilt? The smallest of pieces of fabric can be used to stuff a rag doll. If you don’t have a kid that wants it, take it back to the charity shop. The same goes for pin cushions, lavender bags, hair bands. Small gifts that if you can’t give them away, the charity shop can sell on.

Worn out not outgrown

The biggest saving, though, goes back to the kid’s clothes. They grow up so fast that you can need new clothes almost before you get the old ones out of the shop. If you make them yourself, you can cut the cloth so that you have bigger seam allowances. As they grow, you let the clothes out. You might finally get to see the kids wear their clothes out instead of outgrowing them.

Pays for itself

A reliable sewing machine need not cost the earth, you'll probably be able to pick one up on the Internet for almost nothing. Even if you do have to buy one, it will pay for itself many times over in the years ahead and it's always good to learn a new money saving skill.