Easy Homemade Pirate Costume

Ike asked me to make him a pirate costume.


I love making costumes.

I could always buy costumes for my kids for dress up and the like, but I have never done that.

Because as much as I love experimenting and creating in the kitchen, I also have so much fun coming up with costume ideas for my kids, putting their ideas into tangible form.

And I knew that a pirate costume would be super easy to do, not to mention super cheap.

 photo pirate_zpsc8rcvuvf.png
Ike in his costume. Sorry for the terrible editing job...

Ike LOVES his costume. And I do too.

Total work?

Less than 5 minute's work.

Total cost? $1.25.

So, how did I do it?

Well, I went with the idea that "pirate costumes" would be clothing of a well to do individual... whose been away at sea for a long time, doesn't have access to new clothes, so his current clothes get kind of ruined.

And then the sword and bandana.

So, what I did was go to the thrift store, and find a long tunic like shirt- it was pre-teen sized- cost me 50 cents.

Then I got a woman's brown blazer. Also 50 cents.

And a scarf. 25 cents.

With scissors, I just cut off the bottom of the shirt and sleeves, very roughly- so it looks like it was cut by a pirate's sword.

Cut off the sleeves of the blazer as well.

Tied a bandana on his head.

Gave him a pair of matching pants that he had already.

Took a toy sword from our toy shelf.

And voila!

A pirate costume!

I still need to make an eye patch to make the look even more complete. That will just be a circle of black cloth, and a thin string made out of a fabric strip.

As I said super easy.

And he loves it.

Ahoy mayties!

Dress up and imagination play time!

Are you the type of person to buy costumes or make them? If you make them, what was your favorite homemade costume you've made? Do you tend to spend a lot of time and effort making the costumes or no? 

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  1. Love this costume! I think a patch would put it over the top! Our daughter is only 2, so she doesn't need fancy costumes yet. Either she's been given costumes as gifts or I tie a blanket around her shoulders and call it a cape!

  2. Terrific! I do want to mention, from my experience helping a friend make a zombie costume, that when you want clothing to have ragged edges, you should choose a woven fabric. When we cut up a thrift-store suit that was made of slick polyester stuff, it didn't ravel but ended up in zigzags that looked much too neat.

    We mostly make costumes. My partner gets more into elaborate ones than I do--he made our son a parrot costume (bright-colored shaggy fabric that looked like feathers, attached to a too-long hooded jacket, with felt beak) that was really great.

    My favorite easy homemade costume was Doctor Who, but it was only easy because we happen to have a scarf made from the official pattern for the scarf Tom Baker wore as Doctor in the 1970s. I made a snap decision to wear a costume on Halloween, and simply put on this scarf with my wool coat (which is black, not brown), loose pants, and my partner's fedora. The scarf makes everyone say, "Hello, Doctor," as long as the rest of the costume is anything vaguely resembling correct.

  3. Well done Penny! Ike looks fantastic in his pirate outfit. This reminds me of my daughter's best ever Halloween costume, which was just an old painting shirt with that she creatively ripped and lots and lots of flour to give her that ghostly look. Super cheap and it looked great.

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