Great Ways To Save Money On Energy Bills This Winter

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During the cooler months of the year, energy bills can skyrocket, and homeowners can easily feel the financial pinch.

Everything from increased heating costs to the need to have indoor lights on for longer periods of time can result in escalating energy bills. This can difficult or even impossible for some homeowners to contend with, and you may be wondering how you can keep your energy costs lower.

The good news is that there are a few quick and easy steps that you can take to help you save energy during the upcoming months and beyond.

Get Your Roof Inspected

When a roof is in poor condition, cracks and leaks can allow the heated air from your HVAC system to escape. This forces your HVAC system to work harder to keep your home warm, and this can inflate energy bills. A roof inspection can identify leaks and other damaged areas that may need to be repaired before the cool weather sets in.

Reseal Your Doors and Windows

Just as heated air can escape through a damaged roof, the air can also escape through doors and windows that are not properly sealed. Leaks can develop in these seals over time, so periodically re-sealing them can yield great results. This is a quick and easy project for a do-it-yourselfer to complete.

Check Your Siding

You may also check your siding or other external materials for signs of leaks or damage. While you may have insulation in the external walls of your home, air can penetrate into the walls through cracks in the external materials in the home. Whether you have siding, bricks or other types of materials on your home's exterior, a visible inspection can provide you with more information on areas that require your attention.

Program Your Thermostat

You can also help your HVAC system to function more efficiently when you purchase a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to have greater control over the indoor temperature of the home. In addition, you can program the heater to run less frequently during the hours of the day when you are not typically at home. You may also adjust the thermostat a degree or two lower to reduce energy costs while still keeping your home comfortable. This can reduce heating costs considerably.

Get a Plumbing Inspection

When you think about ways to reduce energy costs, your plumbing system may not come to mind. However, when heated water leaks through small and undetected breaks in your pipes, energy as well as water are wasted. In addition, leaks can result in costly property damage. When your goal is to keep energy costs in check and to otherwise keep your home in great condition, inspecting your plumbing for leaks can be beneficial.

Change Your Light Bulbs

During the shorter days of the year, it is common to turn on more lights and to leave those lights on for longer periods of time. If you are still burning incandescent light bulbs, you may be wasting energy needlessly. Walk through your home, and replace incandescent bulbs with energy-saving light bulbs. Be sure to check areas of the home where you may not usually look, including outdoor lights, foyer lights and closet lights.

If you are not looking forward to the cool weather season due to the inevitable rise in your energy bills, you may consider taking action now to keep your costs as low as possible. Each of these tips has the ability to help you save money on energy throughout the winter months and even during the warm weather season too. Get started saving money on your energy bills with these tips today.

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