Frugal Accomplishments This Week

Sometimes life seems to be so jam packed with everything, lots of things going on, lots of frugal happenings, so much to share, so much to write about... And then other times it feels like life is just flying by, and just trying to keep up is already a challenge, let alone doing anything extra.
I dunno how it is, but these past few weeks have really felt like that, when I look at the calendar and say "Oh my gosh- how is it Thursday already?"- I have no idea where the week went...

Weeks like that, I glance backwards over what I accomplished, and literally wonder "What did I manage to do this week? Nothing!" and then I remember that every single day that I am home with my kids, homeschooling my older ones and keeping up with my 13 month old's crazy antics- that really is more than enough. I don't need to have a long list of accomplishments every week- a small list of things that made me smile, of things that I am proud of doing, and happy kids and a general feeling of contentedness- that is totally fine.

From now on, I will stop apologizing if my list of frugal accomplishments isn't so long.
I don't need to be Wonderwoman. I can just be me, Penny, mother, wife, housewife, teacher, friend. And if I do some decidedly unfrugal things to keep my sanity, like using disposables all week long, I'm not going to sweat it.

Here's what frugal things we did this week in our house:

Frugal Fun
I found a bunch of educational and entertaining documentaries online, and have been watching them with the family.

Frugal Cooking
Twice I made lentil hot dog sauce with rice, using a pack of hot dogs for four meals, instead of the nearly 2 packs we'd go through if we were having a hot dog based meal.
Made guacamole from avocados that were really on their last legs.
Threw some old beets in the oven to roast, then made them into a salad.
Used leftover soup together with leftover rice, to make a new dish.
I made crockpot rice porridge twice.
I made leftover rice porridge into patties.
I ran out of gluten free cereal, so I made "cereal" from broken rice cakes.
I made some gluten free vegan lemon poppy seed cookies.

Mike and I did some DIY plumbing work in our kitchen.

Free Things
Dumpster dived a great backpack.
The kids and I foraged cherry plums.
Foraged olive leaves to make olive leaf tea.

Frugal Shopping
My clothes that I'd ordered for myself on arrived.
I bought a toy for Anneliese on ebay.
I bought some gifts for Lee and Ike also on ebay.
I bought a bunch of fun educational books from

What frugal things did you do this week?

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