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Vegan Grain Free Banana Bread Recipe- Paleo, Sugar Free

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I was experimenting in the kitchen yesterday, trying to put together some recipes, taking into account various dietary needs of different people I was feeding, and I ended up with these requirements: no eggs or dairy, no grains, gluten or otherwise, and no sugar, and seeing a case of bananas that I bought, I was being hopeful that maybe I'd be able to make something banana based. First I thought banana fritters, but then decided I would rather try to make a bread that hopefully, hopefully would work out well.
I am so excited to say that my experiment was a success, that my banana bread tasted good, and the texture was decent. It's more moist than most banana breads, and its more bready than cakey, but it did the job. I plan on making another batch tomorrow, and then try toasting it. I can picture this being spread with butter, jam, or honey, or maybe even cream cheese, for people that can eat dairy.
I made mine with ground walnuts, but I'm sure it would work with ground nuts of any kind, or even ground sunflower seeds for a nut free version.
To keep this Paleo approved, use tapioca starch instead of potato starch. I'm sure corn starch would also work with this, if you eat corn.

Vegan Grain Free Banana Bread Recipe- Paleo, Sugar Free

10 mashed bananas- the browner the bananas the sweeter the bread will be
2 1/2 cups ground walnuts
2 1/2 cups potato starch or tapioca starch
1/2 cup ground flax seeds or ground chia seeds
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

1. Mix all the ingredients together, ensuring no lumps.

2. Put in two loaf pans.

3. Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes, or until the top is browned and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

4. Let cool completely before eating. If you don't let it cool enough, it'll end up being more gummy, and you don't want that to happen.


Have you made any vegan and grain free bread recipes? Any that you'd like to share? 
Does this look like a recipe you'd try?


  1. Penny this does sound good. Are the nuts ground into flour or just small nut bits?

    1. Not super fine, I just used stuff a little more fine than bread crumbs.

  2. Looks very good. Expensive to make though.

    1. Unfortunately that's the case with all paleo recipes. I did try to keep the costs down by leaving out expensive sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, etc... and giving the alternative of ground sunflower seeds...

    2. I think this is a GREAT way to use up brown bananas that would otherwise get tossed to my hens (or compost if too bad). We buy several bananas at a time, so when they go bad we tend to have a lot of them & I don't want to give the hens a bunch of them at once & throw off their dietary intake. Yet when they go bad I need them out of my kitchen so they don't attract bugs (& before they start getting really gross when they start leaking... ewwwww!!).

      Overall the recipe may be considered expensive, however, I consider it as super cheap considering the bananas would possibly be too gross to eat or get tossed anyway.

  3. Looks good. Why is tapioca better nutritionally than potato starch? Do you think I can sub almond meal for walnuts?

    1. Almond meal totally is fine.
      Tapioca isnt nutritionally better than potato starch, but some people react badly to nightshades, etc... so potatoes are out but tapioca is in.

  4. This recipe sounds yummy and it's so simple! I'm going to have to try it when I have more bananas in the house. What size are your bread pans?


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