Sunday, May 3, 2015

Frugal Accomplishments This Week

I feel like I'm getting my mojo back. After many weeks that I felt like there wasn't much "to write home about" regarding what I did frugally, finally, finally I have what to share this week.
It was a good week.
We had lots of fun together, and still managed to do quite a few things to save money.

Here's what we did in our home to save money this past week:

Frugal Shopping:
Bought gluten rolls for my husband from the store on sale- cheaper than making gluten free rolls, and honestly he doesn't care, and its cheaper than him buying lunch out at work, and pretty easy to make as well, so he feels treated, and it saves money.
Bought basmati rice on sale, as well as a bunch of sardines on sale.
Bought shoes for Anneliese and Ike from
I was at a mall to meet up with a friend of mine, and while I was there I decided to go to a cheap beauty supply store I'd heard of, and got some great things for super cheap.

Free Things:
Got some free books on pressure cooking and DIY stuff from a friend who was decluttering- and saved myself the cost of a trip there, because I ended up being in the area anyhow.
Made friends with a bakery owner and got some free gluten free desserts that were in the taste testing stage.
My friend heard that I inherited a friend's Phil and Ted's stroller, so gave me hers which had a torn seat, to take apart and use for parts.
My kids got some free balloons at the mall.

Foraged olive leaves to make into tea.

Made some olive leaf, ginger, cinnamon, and clove tea to ward off some bug that was threatening to come down hard, but fortunately went away immediately.

Frugal in the Kitchen:
Made some soup from leftover chicken feet that I'd saved and frozen from a previous broth.. plus chicken bones that I bought cheaply.
Another time I made broth from chicken drippings and leftover rice.
I made porridge for breakfast instead of cereal and milk one morning.
Another morning I made a shake for breakfast.
I made shakshouka for my husband's lunch from really old tomatoes that were on their very last legs.
Made lunch for hubby to take to work- 3 times
I went out for the day, and prepared supper in advance to cook in the crock pot while I was out- lentil potato curry, using leftover chicken broth.
I made majadra- a Middle Eastern rice and lentil dish for lunch/supper.
I wanted to make some kofta kebabs (ground meat kebabs) that called for breadcrumbs; instead I blended up some leftover cooked potatoes and soggy rice cakes in their place.
Made From Scratch
Made homemade ketchup.
Made homemade horseradish sauce.
Ground a bunch of gluten free flour.
Made a bunch of gluten free bread mixes.
Made a few loaves of gluten free bread.
Made gluten free chocolate cake.
Made gluten free corn bread.
Made homemade hot sauce.

What did you do to save money this week? Anything you're particularly proud of?


  1. We picked lots of grapefruit from a neighbor's tree! Hooray for yummy free fruit!

  2. Love the pine nut instructions. Gonna try it. Always looking for vegan protein..
    I also substituted animal crackers for baked goods pastries cakes ect..That little junk craving satisfied

  3. I absolutely LOVE seeing your weekly frugal accomplishment posts!!! They are actually my FAVORITE posts of yours! You inspire me so much! Even when you have "short" frugal accomplishment posts. I can definitely be more frugal than I already am!


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