Frugal Accomplishments This Week

Man this past week was not easy. To say it was hellishly hot would be an understatement, and as such, my productivity level went way, way, way down. To the extent that I'm surprised that I even have anything to write about this week for my frugal accomplishments- since all I seemed to be doing was vegging out.

But nope- I actually did get some frugal stuff done.

Here's what we did to save money in our household this past week.

Foraged wild garlic/onions.
All my alliums- on my Phil and Ted's stroller that I got free a few weeks ago
The kids and I foraged loquats and green almonds.
The kids foraged cherry plums.
The kids foraged rosemary for my vegan stuffed mushrooms.
Mike foraged olive leaves for tea.
Made homemade boquet from foraged flowers.

Frugal Shopping
Ordered sandals for Rose, shoes for myself, sneakers for Ike, shirts for the girls, and stockings for myself very cheaply from

Free Things
Queen Anne's Lace, pomegranate
flowers, and lavender
Mike dumpster dove some cute backpacks.
Got a hand me down awesomely huge floor fan from someone decluttering- and it is super powerful, so hopefully it'll prevent us from feeling the need to turn on the AC, on all but the hottest days.

Frugal in the Kitchen
Served leftovers for lunch.
Took leftover rice, beef kebabs, green beans and zucchini, and a mushroom and lettuce dish, and mixed them all together with some wild alliums to make a yummy and frugal supper.
Made fish patties with sardines bought at a superb price on sale, leftover rice, and wild alliums.
Made homemade sesame milk.
Kids made some homemade salad dressing.
Served rice and lentils for a few meals instead of animal protein based meals.
Made homemade chocolate zucchini muffins using zucchinis on their last last legs.
Made homemade ketchup.

What did you do to save money this past week?
When it is super hot out, do you also find that your productivity level goes way down?

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  1. Oh man, when it is hot I turn into a grumpy slug :-)

  2. On those really hot days I like to take the kids to the library. They have a great a.c.! This week I stocked up on cheese making supplies because one of our local stores is going out of business and everything was discounted.

  3. Is next direct an inexpensive place to shop? Their prices seem much higher than I expected.

    1. It depends where you live. I notice there are different prices for the US and in my country, for the same items. And there are some items that are cheap there and others that are more expensive. I tend to shop the uniform shop, which has the cheapest things.

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