Frugal Accomplishments This Week

Hello again dear readers and welcome back to another edition of "How Frugal Are You Really", with Penny Penniless and the rest of the Penniless gang.
Find out whether Penny actually practices what she preaches, or if she's all talk and not frugal. :-D
Just kidding.

Anyhow, so this past week was a pretty decently productive week, that left me pretty exhausted, to be honest, since it involved lots of traveling from place to place, with 4 kids in tow, etc...

 Here's what we did to save money this past week:

Frugal in the Kitchen:
Made pancakes for breakfast.
Finished making my homemade potato starch.
Made homemade ketchup.
Made some jaggery syrup.
Used leftover mashed potatoes, foraged allium, and on sale sardines to make a gluten free egg free "tuna" patty.
Made homemade gluten free vegan chocolate cake.
Made homemade gluten free bread.
Served buckwheat porridge for breakfast.
Sprouted lentils.
Made lentil based salad for lunch/supper.
Used leftover buckwheat porridge and lentils to make veggie burgers.
Used leftover chicken broth to make a delicious Asian stir fry.
Turned mushy avocado into avocado cucumber soup, and froze a bunch of avocado for future use
Made homemade peanut butter fudge.

 photo IMG_0002_zpsnrjaujo9.jpg
Homemade Jaggery Syrup

Free Things:
Got some molds for making plaster of paris bisques
Got a bunch of books at a book swap

 photo IMG_0011_zpsicmw9ind.jpg
Sardine "tuna patties" made with leftover mashed potatoes

Mike picked mullberries
The kids and I foraged black nightshade berries.
I foraged mullein flowers and made mullein oil.

 photo IMG_0060_zps8cnlgpmi.jpg
My frugal shopping trip to the farmer's market.

Frugal Shopping:
Stocked up on rice cakes for 50 cents a package, and gluten free corn flakes also at a very low price
Went shopping at the farmers market and bought at a super reduced price past prime avocado, kiwi, apples, cucumbers, beets, melon, watermelon, zucchini.
My books from arrived
My cheap clothes from arrived.
Made an e-bay purchase together with a friend, and ordered it together so we could split the shipping.

What did you do to save money this past week? Any frugal accomplishment you're especially proud of?

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