Frugal Accomplishments This Week

If you'll notice, this past week most of my frugal accomplishments took place in the kitchen. Because, you know, we have to eat... but the rest of the stuff? I was too tired to do. I really should start going to sleep earlier on a regular basis, because this sleep deprivation is killing me!
And add extreme heat to that and oh boy.

So even with all that, we still got some "frugaling" done this week, and I'm proud of that!

Frugal In The Kitchen
After realizing I was making so much animal protein and not much by way of money saving legumes, and I decided to make some fermented lentil rice dosas- kind of like Indian tortillas. They were ok but not the hugest hit, so I had a lot of leftovers.
Another night I made lentil based minestrone soup using odds and ends left in the house, and broke up the dosas into the soup to use as croutons- it was perfect that way!
I cooked up some quinoa that I bought at an incredible sale, together with watermelon rind and carrots, and I also cooked up some hot dog slices in leftover beet salad- and despite sounding really weird, the combination was amazing and the entire family liked it!
I made homemade sweet chili sauce, without refined sweeteners at all.
I had some soggy cucumbers that needed to be used up, so I salted them and turned them into a tasty cucumber salad.
I made buckwheat porridge overnight to eat for breakfast, and then when I had a sudden guest over, and needed to make something to feed a crowd in a short period of time, I added some tuna and sardines to the porridge and mashed it all up, and turned it into yummy fish patties.
The kids had been asking me for a while already to make homemade healthy ketchup, so I did that, with no added refined sweeteners.
I made homemade coconut milk, and then used part of that to attempt to make a paleo vegan chocolate chip ice cream- which wasn't the biggest hit, but I plan on tweaking it till perfection and then sharing it here.
I had a guest over on a strict diet, and wanted to make a dessert that she could eat- so I made kombucha jello- which was a refreshing treat with no sweeteners (left)!
I made a date nut roll for dessert as well.
Made homemade kombucha jello.
I had some liquid from the bottom of my pressure cooker, left from when I steamed my chicken and veggies, and turned it into a delicious soup.

Other Stuff
Foraged black nightshade and lambsquarters and olive leaves.
Bought balsamic vinegar and cranberry juice on sale at the scratch and dent store.
Bought cheap babyproofing supplies at the dollar type store, as well as cheap treats from a dollar store type restaurant, for our fun day out.

What did you do to save money this past week? Anything you're particularly proud of?

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  1. Can you share the recipe for the sweet chili sauce please?

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