Sunday, July 19, 2015

Frugal Accomplishments This Week

Hey there, how you doin? I hope you had a really awesome week, one in which you kept an eye on your finances and expenses, and had a week in which you were happy with where you spent your money, so that you didn't feel like you wasted money, and instead felt like you did a lot to contribute to your family's financial well being.

So I'm currently doing a diet that is more expensive, so I've felt the extreme need to notch up my frugality a lot, so that this diet doesn't affect our overall finances, so we had an extremely frugal week this week.

Here's what we did to save money this past week in our household:

Frugal Shopping
I bought past prime apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, plums, and green beans for really low prices, which was pretty cool, especially in light of the fact that all my standard reduced rack stores weren't even open when I got to the market.
I bargained down a guy selling mushrooms, to 65% of his original asking price- he said he never once sold it for that cheap. My "trick"- I was ready to walk away, and he wanted to make the sale.
I bought 12 cans of olives for $10.28- originally it was supposed to be 2 for $2.85 (already a good price) then he offered it to me for 3 for $3.42. So of course I took 9.
I scored some chia seeds for very cheap per pound.
Stocked up on chicken on extreme sale from the grocery store, and bought carrots from the reduced rack.
Bought tomatoes super cheaply for making homemade tomato paste.

Free Things:
I went to a fish store, and when I asked the worker about salmon heads, told me he was out, so he gave me salmon bones (with meat still on it) for free.
Mike found some sides of a crib in the trash, and he used them to make a baby gate for our porch so Rose doesn't constantly try to run away.

Made From Scratch:
I cooked up tomatoes (that I accidentally smashed) to make homemade tomato paste.
Fermented Moroccan style carrots, cucumber kimchi, and mushrooms.
Made pickled herring.
I made up some chicken scrap soup.
I made some sweet potato tahini dip for apples for the kids (amazingly delicious and filling stuff).
Ground my own meat in my grinder.
Made zoodles.
Made Paleo hummus.
Made homemade mayonnaise.
Ground up a bunch of gluten free flours and make bread mix for a friend.
Made homemade Paleo sweet chili sauce.
Made homemade Paleo ketchup.
Used some soft cucumbers to make cucumber salad.
Used the water from boiling chicken gizzards, to make into a soup, and added the water from steaming butternut squash to it.
Made Larabar type bars.

Foraged lambsquarters and made a salad with them.
Mike foraged olive leaves for tea.

So, what did you do to save money this past week? Did you overall have a frugal week, or not such a frugal week? What was your frugal accomplishment you were most proud of?

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