Homemade Pina Colada Ice Cream- Paleo, Vegan, Sweetener Free, GAPS Legal

 photo IMG_0111_zpsyqwqzpgo.jpgI make desserts in my house once a week. We have a nice big dinner on the weekends, and I try to make dessert each week, just even one small thing, to make it extra special.
Only now that we're on a 30 day Paleo reset diet, it isn't so easy, since my staples that I usually use to make healthy desserts are out- no gluten free flours, no coconut sugar or any added sweeteners, no cocoa powder... But I still wanted to make something.
I had canned pineapple that I bought a huge can of from a bulk store and I had some homemade coconut milk in my fridge and I had an inspiration- pina colada ices! And then, since I wasn't going to add any sweeteners to it, I decided to dip into my precious stash of frozen overripe bananas from the seconds store (bananas have been near impossible to find locally, and when they can be found, they're a fortune) to add some creaminess and sweeteness to the ice cream.

It came out terrific, and was pretty simple to make.

This is a perfect dessert for so many diets- whether vegan, Paleo, GAPS, avoiding refined sugar, etc... Allergy friendly to boot! And is a hit on really hot days especially, like today is.

Homemade Pina Colada Ice Cream- Paleo, Vegan, Sweetener Free, GAPS Legal

4-5 very ripe bananas
3 cups pineapple (canned in its own juice)
2 1/2 cups homemade coconut milk (hardened coconut cream at the top removed and saved for other uses)

1. You need to use frozen fruit for this on order to keep the texture good. So, before anything, freeze your pineapple and your bananas if they're not already frozen.

2. Once they're frozen, chuck them into a food processor or blender with a little bit of the coconut milk and blend as much as you can. Add more coconut milk as needed to make it blendable. Then add the rest of the coconut milk once it is fully blended.

3. Freeze.

4. After a few hours, mix well, to make sure that it isn't frozen solid in one lump. It shouldn't be, but just in case it is, do so.

5. Serve!

Optional- if you aren't on any special diets and want to make it more authentically pina colada, feel free to add a splash of rum into the recipe before freezing.


Does this look like a recipe you'd try? What is your favorite type of frozen dessert?

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  1. I seldom eat dessert although I have been pinning popsicle recipes. I LOVE the flavour of pina colada so I might make this. Do you think it would work as popsicles?

  2. Looks good! I'd never remember to freeze things beforehand, though...

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