Frugal Accomplishments These Past Two Weeks

I've been a little slacking lately on the frugal front, since it's been so hot that even the thought of moving has often been beyond me, let alone actually doing frugal things...
I felt so silly posting my weekly frugal accomplishments last week, because my list was so super short, so I decided to combine it with this week's list... which also was super short.
But hey- the fact that I even did anything frugal when it was this hot- that's already a huge win.

Frugal in the Kitchen
Made watermelon rind and chicken neck stew twice, with super soft veggies that needed using up.
Made sauted watermelon rind.
Made homemade walnut butter, cashew butters, and almond butters.
Cooked up some salmon head for supper.
Made paleo hamburger buns.
Made bone broth from leftover chicken bones and liquid from steaming butternut squash.
Made paleo ketchup.
Made homemade healthy toffee bars.
Ground a bunch of gluten free flours and made bread mix.
Made homemade mayonnaise.
Used leftover chicken drippings to make a sauce for zucchini.
Made walnut/pumpkin seed/sesame milk.
Took some apples that were all mushy and turned them into baked apples.
Used leftover tomato sauce to make a delicious chicken.
Made homemade kombucha in a bunch of different flavors.

Foraged figs and grapes.

Frugal Shopping
Bought reduced rack tomatoes and apples.
Bought chicken on sale super cheap- for a fraction of the usual costs.
Stocked up on nuts from the market before going on vacation so I wouldn't need to buy more expensively while away.
Bought arts and craft supplies and toys on sale at a discount store.
Bought clothes online from for a fraction of what they cost locally, for much better quality.

Gave Annelise and Lee and Ike hair cuts myself.

What did you do to save money these past two weeks, if at all? Do you also have a hard time being frugal when it is too hot?

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  1. It's been hot here too, so neither of us is eating much. Saves on the food budget I guess.

    I'm impressed you're organizing a move at all in the summer. We just moved for the second time in a year, about a half mile away from our previous place, and the spent a week recuperating. Getting old I guess.

    Only frugal thing we did really, besides not eat, is finding a fruit and veg reclamation program here. You can get 60 lbs of rescued produce for a $10 US donation. Granted the food should be used quickly but we can do that. Wonder if they need volunteers?

  2. Penny, that's fantastic, a lot more than most people do in a month!

  3. I really enjoy reading your posts- I have been attempting to be more frugal the past few months and you have given me some great ideas! Thank you!

  4. Got some rotisserie chickens on sale for 1/2 off at Kroger. So far we've made chicken salad for sandwiches, ate the drumsticks and thighs for lunch, used the breasts for dinner and plan to use what's left to make some avocado cheese melts.

  5. I just started my first batch of kombucha last night. Very excited. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions/recommendations for frugal fruit juice options for the second ferment.

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