Ways to Recycle Old Eyeglasses

I've been a glasses wearer since I was 9 years old, and I've gone through many pairs of glasses since then. Whenever I get new glasses, I always wonder what I should do with my old glasses. This guest post, with some ideas of how to recycle your old glasses hit the spot and gave me some ideas I'd never even considered before.

Have you ever felt you are not likely to continue using your eyeglasses anymore? Have you ever wanted to replace your old spectacles with new Porsche Design eyewear but didn’t know what to do with the ones that are becoming boring? Not everyone can afford buying eyeglasses. There is a chance for you to get rid of your eyeglasses and help a person in need by donating your old pair to him/her. To recycle your eyeglasses in such a way is a good idea because a person will be wearing them and they will get a second life.
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Moreover, there are creative people who use old eyeglasses for an absolutely different aim and give them a completely new life! Thus, the main function of eyeglasses is transformed into an advanced one. We would like to share with you some of these fresh ideas that could be done even at home without any special technologies. You can use either the whole pair of eyeglasses or sometimes one or a few parts.

One of the unique ways to recycle your eyeglasses is to make various kinds of handmade necklaces: a necklace with a map printed on one of the lens, a necklace with famous film images, or photos of your child or the second half (only one lens is used), or a necklace creatively designed of the entire pair without bonds and hooks. The other unusual method to recycle old eyeglasses is to make a chandelier. The more lenses you will use the more impressive and amazing result you will get.

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If you don’t possess a genius of creativity then follow the first piece of advice. Returning back to the concept of giving away your used eyeglasses it’s needless to say that it may help to solve the situation in the countries of the third world where a lot of people are in need of eyeglasses because the absence of them makes their life extremely difficult. They are unable to read, write, work and do their housework. It is a very humane idea to deliver unnecessary eyeglasses to poor countries, undeveloped communities rather than keeping a needless pair in some distant drawer.

If you have already made up your mind to recycle your old eyeglasses first of all see an ophthalmologist in your district and ask him/her whether they collect used eyeglasses. If not, the second step is to look for a donation box in your city where you may leave them. If you are too busy to connect with local ophthalmologists call the hotline number and gain all the necessary information concerning drop boxes in your town or city. They are usually set up in educational institutions or hospitals. One more variant is to surf the Internet in search for the location of drop boxes. Apart from that, it’s possible to donate your used eyeglasses to religious institutions or churches which in their turn will give them away to people from the community who can’t afford them.

Eyeglasses are not just an item of luxury, they can greatly improve a person’s life and help treat problems aroused by poor eyesight. Before donating you should pack your eyeglasses in a hard case with bubble wrap to avoid possible damaging during transportation. If your frame is bad but lenses are still in good condition, please, replace the frame out of your own pocket. There is no need to buy an expensive frame, you can always purchase a cheaper one.

So, never throw your used eyeglasses away! You’d better choose discount designer glasses at Eyeweardock.com and give away your old pair of spectacles. Remember there are people who will thank you a lot for such a present!

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