Raw Carrot Salad With Creamy Lemon Ginger Dressing Recipe- Paleo, Vegan, Allergy Friendly, Sugar Free

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Have I mentioned I'm a big fan of salads? Ok, only probably a million and a half times, but it's worth repeating, nay?
I was trying to come up with a salad idea that was using frugal seasonal ingredients- specifically carrots- that was a bit different than the standard salad that I make, and so therefore I didn't want to make my Moroccan carrot salad, neither regular or fermented, nor my Russian carrot salad...
No, I wanted something creamy and Asian inspired, and so I whipped up this batch based off of this recipe I found, only I paleo-fied it, yet at the same time I made it as cheap as I could, and it came terrific. I actually made it for the same meal at which I made my multicolored Thai style veggie salad, and though the ingredients are similar, they actually had two different, but super delicious flavors.
I love this salad. I'll be honest with you, though, that when I had them side by side, I liked the Thai style salad more, but when I had this just on it's own, it was absolutely the bomb. I've included in the recipe both how I made it, as well as alternatives you can use to make it cheaper if you aren't as restricted in diet, and are just looking to make something delicious and cheap.
Oh, and it is super simple to make, very few steps!

And it doesn't hurt that it is friendly to all diets, first and foremost to the "pocketbook friendly diet" but also to people on gluten free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, GAPS, and other similar diets.

Raw Carrot Salad With Creamy Lemon Ginger Sauce Recipe- Paleo, Vegan, Allergy Friendly, Sugar Free

2 tablespoons almond butter (I used homemade almond butter) or creamy unsweetened peanut butter or cashew butter or sunbutter
4 tablespoons coconut milk (I used my homemade coconut milk)
2 tablespoons coconut aminos (a soy free soy sauce sub) or soy sauce (use gluten free soy sauce to keep this gluten free)
1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 teaspoons chopped fresh ginger (or equivalent amount of dried)
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon salt
Pinch cayenne pepper
5 large carrots
A few roughly chopped almonds (optional)
Fresh cilantro (optional)

1. Mix all the ingredients together, other than the carrots, until uniformly combined.

2. Grate the carrots and mix with everything else.

3. If desired, garnish with some chopped almonds and cilantro, or completely leave out.

4. Serve either immediately or after marinating. It's terrific both ways!

What is your favorite salad recipe made with winter produce? Do you make carrot salad? What do you put in it?
Does this look like a recipe you'd try?

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  1. Aha, tomorrow night's dinner. Thank you. My husband is a huge ginger fan, so he should love this.

  2. This sounds really yummy and I have been getting in the habit of keeping grated carrots in the fridge so I will try this soon! :) Thank you so much for all your lovely recipes and your amazing website. I read every blog post you write and love your frugal style. I just wish my husband weren't allergic to fish and shellfish. :P Keep up the amazing work! And Happy Holidays! :)

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