A Happy Birthday AND a Happy Wallet

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A child’s birthday is a very special day. These parties, depending on the age, are events that your children will remember for the rest of their lives. As such, as a parent, you naturally want to give your child the very best birthday party they could dream up. Achieving this task however, can be a financial bear. A party in the wealthiest circles can run up into the thousands of dollars in costs,with a kids party hire for clowns, facility rentals, and expensive decorations. It does not have to be this way in order to provide a great time for your child. There are lots of great, creative ways to cut costs for your next birthday, which we will discuss in further detail below.

 Location -This is definitely the easiest way to cut costs from the get-go. While having a kids party at a popular pizza place, event hall, or amusement park is convenient, it’s definitely not a cost efficient plan. While your entertainment is taken care of at a place like an amusement park or arcade, rental costs are often inflated with that very thought in mind. Your backyard or local park are as good a place as any to get together and enjoy the company of your friends and family while celebrating your little one.

Decorations & Entertainment -Yes, having a moon bounce or a clown at your kids party is great. However, just because those things are great sources of fun does not mean that they are the only sources of fun! If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for your child’s party games or theme, utilize this great big resource of the internet! Sites like Pinterest can provide you with an insane number of ideas for DIY decorations, goodie bags, and party games! You’re craftier than you think, skip the line at Party City and head over to your local craft store!

Cake -The numbers out there for a specialized birthday cake these days are absolutely insane. Spending more than $100 on a child’s birthday cake, heck, any cake, seems insane when you cango to your local grocery store and get a cake mix for less than $1. Again, you’re craftier than youthink, this time in the kitchen! It’s a repetition of what we just spoke about, but the internet is a magnificent resource for mind-blowingly simple recipes and step by step cake decorations. Save money, and do something creative as well.

Don’t spend money, spend time. Children are actually quite simple creatures, many toddlers will have more fun with a cardboard box that you found in back of a department store, than the box of Hasbro toys you spent half your week’s wages on. Your child will appreciate the time and effort you spend on planning and executing a great party, much more than simply making a booking and never thinking about the party again. Get creative, have a great time, and don’t break the bank this year!

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